Monday, January 19, 2009


Jay has had this bee in his bonnet for the past few months that he wants to start a "garden."  I love fresh fruit and veggies, so I was all for it, except for four things:
1. we live in an apartment
2. we picked this particular apartment specifically because it didn't get much sun 
3. San Antonio has a lot of plant predators, from weird little grasshoppers to fungus
4. I kill things

My doubts notwithstanding, tonight for family home evening Jay, the eternal optimist, and me, his eternal wife, went to a nursery to buy some strawberry starts.  The employees made me feel about the same as when I take my car into the shop (only not quite as dumb), but we picked out a few cute berry plants (pictured below).  We also made an impulse buy: a few bell pepper starts (pictured above).  We lugged home way too much potting soil and a couple plastic planters, then got our hands dirty while potting the plants.  

Yes, I'm skeptical, but it would be thrilling enough to eat home grown peppers and berries this spring that I will happily eat my words if I'm wrong.  

Reason to move into a house #24: yard space for an actual garden.   


  1. Good luck with your gardening adventures! Like you, I tend to kill my plants, however good my intentions! Notwithstanding, we're determined to be ambitious and give tomatoes, peppers, and raspberries a go this spring, after everything thaws. We'll come to you for advice at that point, okay? :)

  2. Mm yeah homegrown stuff! thats always bueno :) I liked your reasons you listed in the beginning. Esp #4. I could just imagine you saying it for some reason. Good luck w/the garden! I hope it does great!

  3. It's so cute, Linds! I think you can credit your lack of growing skills to Mom...