Monday, February 2, 2009

The "25 Things" Craze

So there's this Facebook craze that's spreading like wildfire where everyone has been writing 25 random things about themselves, posting it, and "tagging" 25 more people who are then supposed to come up with their own list.  To my surprise, I've actually enjoyed reading most peoples' lists--it's fun to get a bunch of quick, random soundbytes about a person.  I already posted this list on facebook, but I decided to post it here as well because I figured it would be a fun thing to look back at someday.  

1. I have been really wanting a pet off and on for the last 6 months or so. I alternate between a cat, a toy poodle (our neighbors have 2, and they are so cute and nice and not yappy at all), and a chinchilla. I probably shouldn't get the chinchilla, though, because they're so soft I know I'd want to sleep with it, and Jay would get jealous. (Case in point: Jay just read this and said emphatically, "You are NOT sleeping with a chinchilla!")
2. I cannot curl my tongue into a "U" or fold the sides to the midline.
3. I've always wanted to have buff, sexy calves.
4. I hate tv and have no desire at this time to ever buy cable or a satellite dish. I can watch the one show I like (The Office) online at my leisure. We'll probably buy a tv eventually for movies; right now I'm perfectly content with our laptops. 
5. For the past few months I have been fiercely wanting to move to Europe for a couple years, preferably somewhere in the U.K.
6. The number one thing on my "stuff I want but don't have room or money for" list is a baby grand piano. Jay promised me we'll get one someday. 
7. I am the absolute worst dancer in the world. No lie. Except for awkward dancing that's really and truly awkwardly awkward--I rock at it. Just ask my sister or my former roommates.
8. Sometimes I think I have borderline OCD. Maybe there's no borderline about it. 
9. I feel like my life is a movie with recycled extras--I swear I see the same people over and over again. It doesn't matter if I'm in San Antonio, St. George, Hawaii, BYU, California, or London--I always see people I'm positive I know from somewhere. 
10. I am a compulsive reader: I finish almost every book within 48 hours of starting it, and usually under 5 if I can read without interruption. 
11. I really dislike uncomfortable shoes. I wear old, nasty, cheap, comfortable flip flops whenever possible. 
12. I have a talent for performing well on tests (standardized or not). It usually hurts me more than it helps me, though, because I don't learn the material as well as I should.
13. I hate mornings. I really do. I don't talk in the morning half because my voice doesn't work and half because I'm afraid I'll say something I'll regret.
14. I like people, but I'm very introverted. I'd generally rather work on an assignment or project by myself than with a group.
15. I consider cold cereal to be the food of the gods. (For those of you worried about my husband, I do like to cook as long as I have the time.)
16. I like brownie batter and cookie dough better than brownies or cookies. 
17. I am not good at keeping in touch, but I often find myself thinking about people from my past and wondering how they are doing.
18. I have very strong opinions about almost everything, but I make an effort not to use them to condemn or judge people. I try to respect different viewpoints, and I expect the same in return. 
19. At 5'5", I'm tied with my dad and my brother for tallest in my family (my husband, who is 6'5", doesn't count).
20. I am a spelling and grammar nazi and cannot respect a business that has typos on its signs or advertisements. Ditto for newspapers, websites and books that are too cheap to hire a decent proof reader.
21. I took one of those "personality color" tests a couple years ago, and I was far and away Red. Like,
red red. With no yellow at all. Basically a red billboard with a couple tiny splatters of white and blue. Monochromatic. And I was so disappointed because of all the personality "colors," Red is my least favorite. Apparently I am also one of those people who puts way too much stock in personality tests. 
22. I really have a problem with people who move to the United States and don't learn English. 
23. When I was 2 or 3, I had invisible friends named Judy and Blobly, except I couldn't say my L's so I called them "Judy and Bwobwy."
24. I gave a talk, sang a duet with my sister, and sang in the choir all in the same Stake Conference (big church meeting with 1,000+ people) when I was 9 years old.
25. I am a hair wuss: I have never dyed, streaked, permed, highlighted, colored, or done anything remotely chemical to my hair. I've never had it shorter than my shoulders, and my one experience with layers was a disaster--I went back a month later and had them all chopped off.
26. I don't like fads or conforming, so as my own act of quiet rebellion, I chose to write 26 things. 


  1. Hmm i always thought you were taller than me! Amazing you have never done anything to your hair> Thats pretty cool. I'm glad you keep in touch w/me and I can keep in touch with people for you..kinda like by proxy. Hehe!