Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We were excited to spend our first Valentine's Day together since we got married, and we started making plans a week or two in advance.  Jay wanted to make a dinner, I wanted to go on a date, and we both wanted to exchange gifts.  The day before V-day, however, we decided to go on a spontaneous trip to visit Jay's family in Midland.  We "rescheduled" our Valentine's Day for the next Saturday.  Unfortunately, we brought a stowaway home from Midland: a lovely little virus that made Jay cough a lot and that kept me in bed for over a week.  Since I wasn't feeling up to eating real food or doing much of anything, really, on Saturday, we decided to postpone Valentine's Day yet again.  

Which brings us to today.  I was totally unoriginal and bought Jay a polo shirt and a tie (both of which look incredibly hot on him, by the way) and a couple little things.  He, on the other hand, completely surprised me with a flat, white box.  

This picture doesn't do them justice, but pearls are hard to photograph, as I found out.  I was so surprised and so pleasedI love pearls.  Aren't they beautiful?  I wouldn't take them off, even though for most of the day I wore a ratty t-shirt.  I felt like a little kid who insists on sleeping with their new pair of shoes.  Except that I felt beautiful.  And cherished.  

Later, we made an amazing dinner.  Jay went to Costco and bought some filet mignon (my absolute favoriteI know, I'm high maintenance) and then went to Target and bought a cute little barbeque.  I set the table with our china, stemware, and formal placemats and then made cheese biscuits while Jay made a salad and tended the steak and potatoes on the grill.  

Note the A.1. Sauce and Brianna's salad dressing: crowing touches.  The meal was divine.  Mmmm...Steak.  

We finished off the evening with the adult session of Stake Conference.  It was really good, other than our dinner-induced drowsiness.  We came home and ate some decadent Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  

I feel so blessed to have a happy marriage and a husband who really does treat me like a queen.  What a fun, beautiful day.  

I love you, Baby.  Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Those pearls are beautiful! Way to do it right, Jay! And that dinner looks divine... I'm salivating several states away... Mmmmmmm...

  2. wow so fancy so fancy and pearls! nice :) i would not know what to do with something so fancy like that but i do like the idea of buying a grill..summer is coming!

  3. I love the pearls! They are beautiful! It was snowing around us on Valentine's Day, so a grill wouldn't have worked in our case, but that is the sweetest date ever. hehehhe

  4. That sounds so lovely. Those pearls are more beautiful than I could imagine, and look gorgeous on you! The dinner sounds really good, too. I am glad you had ice cream for dessert, how perfect : ) I did tell J thanks from you, and he wants to meet your Jay one of these days. I wish you lived here so we could go on a double date. Miss you. Love you.