Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So today was a good day.

The past few weeks have been rough: terrible flu that involved pretty much every awful symptom known to man (you name it, I had it) and lasted for over a week (the vestiges remain, but I finally feel like myself again), catching up from the week of school I missed due to said flu, taking a killer test, dealing with a clinical supervisor who seems to be in the midst of some personal crisis and is taking it out on her students (consequently making me dread school and my clients), and a little bit of family drama.  Other than being busy, I think that's why I didn't update my blog for a couple weeks: I was just feeling rather negative and didn't want to post vitriol.  Not that I was depressed or chronically cranky; I just wasn't really happy.

But today was different.  I was excited to see my clients, and my sessions went well.  Class was interesting.  I had fun talking to my classmates.  I even enjoyed listening to talk radio on my commute, despite being stopped at literally every single traffic light on the way to school.  I just felt light and happy and smiley.  

The secret?  I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but I really think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was wearing new clothes.  (Jay and I hit the mall yesterday, and I scored a sweater, khakis, and jeans from Aeropostale, all over 50% off.  I am such a sucker for sales.)  I haven't bought anything new in quite awhile, and for some reason I just felt like a million bucks in my new sweater and khakis and, of course, pearls.  Not that I was strutting my stuff or anything since a) I'm married and b) even if I wasn't, there are only two (2) males who ever step foot in my building (a prof and a classmate).  

It's amazing how feeling good in your own skin (or clothes) can make you happy.  

Moral of the story:  I may need to go shopping more often...


  1. This is trouble. Good thing I am going to be a dentist someday. Hopefully I pass the boards.

  2. Great new clothes, especially when bought on sale, can have an amazingly positive effect. Sounds like that was just what the doctor ordered.

  3. I like Aeropostle a lot and I like the way new clothes make me feel. Confident. We shoulda gone shopping more on the mission. Jk. Totally kidding. I think we, well esp you , were pretty confident! Man that really sux about being so sick with everything. Hopefully you stay well for a long long time!

  4. Don't we really dress for other women anyway?

    I like your blog. That first time we had you over for dinner, Mark said, "I think you and Linsday are a lot alike." And I think he was right...

  5. And by "Linsday" I mean Lindsay...