Friday, March 6, 2009


So we went on a trip to Houston a couple months ago to visit Jay's beautiful sister Andrea and her husband David.  We like them lots.  Jay's dad, Tony, made the drive from Louisiana to join us.  We played games (ironically enough, we played online--every single one of us had a laptop, and we were too lazy to set up Ticket to Ride (or "Trains," as Jay's fam calls it), so we played each other on the computer.  I should have taken a picture...), watched a movie, went to church, and hit the Houston Zoo and Holocaust museum.  

We loved the zoo, and, thanks to my trigger-happy husband, we have over 150 pictures of the animals.  He had to take a picture of everything we saw.  I told him he should probably save the camera battery (and save me from having to sort through them later) and just take pictures of his favorites, but he consistently replied, "but this one is so cool" as he put his finger to the shutter once again.  I guess it was kind of endearing.  He also took some video of a few of the animals, but he didn't tell us when he was videoing, so sometimes there is pretty funny background dialogue.  Here are a couple favorites:

The elephant with the itchy rump:

The hungry giraffes: social grooming (check out those lips)

One of the first things we did when we got there was go through the aquarium building.  As we stood looking at fish, I told Jay about how my mom would often take me and my sister to the San Francisco Bay Aquarium when we lived in SF as little tykes.  I loved looking at all the fish, but my favorites were the lionfish and the stonefish because they were poisonous.  The stonefish was my very favorite because it was the most venomous fish in the world and because it always looked so grumpy.  Right after I finished my little reminiscence, we turned the corner and there they were in two aquariums right on top of each other!  I was so excited.  

I also liked these fish because they were big and looked really jovial--see him smiling?  

Tiger, crazy multi-colored monkey thing 

Me and Andrea (sulking because Jay made us pose next to the ugly monkey picture), Jay's and my hands as compared to a great ape.  Note how my fingers barely clear the palm, while Jay's hand looks like a long-lost relative of the great ape.  I could delve further into this comparison, but I shall refrain.  

How tall are we?  
Lindsay: 5'5" (normal)

     Jay:  6'5" (freakish giant)

Gotta love the zoo propaganda.  

I wanted to ride the turtle...

David and Andrea, me and Jay.  It was a chilly day, especially for Houston, so David was kind enough to lend Jay his hot Abercrombie sweatshirt.  

We had so much fun in Houston!  Thanks to Andrea and David for their hospitality: we are so jealous of their house.  Andrea cooked for us while I was a lazy bum and chilled on the couch and browsed her awesome book collection.  Tony was a great chauffer in his sweet Avalanche.  

Now it's y'all's turn to come visit us.  I think it's time for a Six Flags trip...


  1. What a fun zoo! All the fun pictures totally make me want to go to a zoo soon. Stephen is much like Jay when it comes to taking LOTS of pictures on occasion... like from an airplane window. At sunset. It's pretty and all, but 75 pictures later... :) It is somewhat endearing though, you're right.

  2. Okay, so I totally didn't know you have a blog!! Thanks for the sweet comment about my mock wedding cake! I'm hoping it turns out how she hopes (too bad I can't just use the styrofoam)! Honestly - this is only the second wedding cake I've made! I prefer doing fun little kid birthday cakes! :o) This cake is easy though... with fake, non-fondant, flowers! And a little extra money can't hurt, right? And I'll be making it during my spring break, so it doesn't take away from family time/homework time. Anwho...I love your Zoo pictures!! I'll need to spare a few minutes here and there to catch up on every other post you've done! :o) Glad you're doing well!!

  3. Looks like fun! Makayla and I love the zoo. We are actually going to go to the Denver Zoo this week (and buy a pass too!). I didn't realize Jay was a whole foot taller than you. I knew he was tall, but wow...Jay you're a giant!

  4. "itchy itch scratchy scratchy"



    And why was so delicious about that metal bar I wonder.

  5. We love the Zoo! And I am wtih Jay....all about taking pictures :)