Friday, March 20, 2009

The Office does "Classy"

I really really don't like TV.  The news is depressing and ridiculously biased, the shows are laced with bad language and innuendo, I think most sports are a waste of time (NFL, anyone?), the reality series are nearly all redundant and in poor taste--but despite all the bad programming, people get sucked in and spend a good portion of their lives sitting in front of it, even when there's "nothing on."  

As of now, we don't have a TV.  We'll get one eventually, but I really don't want cable.  Ever.  (Particularly Time-Warner, but that's another story.)  Being on "cable hiatus" for a few years has re-sensitized me to the foulness that plays 24/7 on television.  Even the ads are sleazy.  I don't want that in my home.  

(I know there are many people who view TV "responsibly" and am not meaning to criticize.  I realize there are a lot of good things that can come from TV and/or cable (discovery channel, history channel, and General Conference, to name a few).  I'm willing to bear the deprivation because I doubt I could be so disciplined in my usage.)

There are, however, a few shows that Jay follows and one show we watch together via the internet.  I really really like The Office.  (Yes, it has language and it's crude... I'm not perfect.)  At this moment, I am breathlessly awaiting Jay's return from school so we can watch yesterday's new episode together.  I cheated a little bit, though, and watched the 2-minute teaser they show before the theme song plays.  The premise: what it means to be "classy."  

So, in honor of last week's post in honor of classiness, click here to see classy, Office style.  

"See, the thing about classy is, it's a state of mind."  - Jim

(Season 5, episode "New Boss".  Disclaimer:  I have not watched the entire episode and cannot vouch for it, but I highly recommend the bit at the beginning.)

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  1. David and I have similar feelings about TV. We don't actually own a TV but we do watch stuff on Hulu occasionally. We like to get episodes of other shows with the commercials edited out. I like this system because it makes us feel like WE, not the TV, hold the power. We look at the clock and say, "Let's watch an episode of Star Trek," and that is what we do. No commercials, and we're not sucked into whatever's on next. 43 minutes later we are back to doing what we were doing before - none of this brain-rotting garbage going on in our house!