Sunday, March 22, 2009

Strawberry Picking

We left at 6:50 yesterday morning with our friends Jonathan and Mandy to go to Marburger Orchard to pick some strawberries.  6:50.  As in, A.M.  On a Saturday.  In case I haven't yet mentioned it on my blog, I am the antithesis of a morning person.  Mornings in general are bad, but rising before 8:00 on Saturday or Sunday is on my list of Top Ten Things I Hate More Than Cough Medicine.  So my cell phone alarm goes off at 6:25 (A.M.! Did I mention it was Saturday?) and somehow incorporates itself into my dream for a minute or so.  I'm brought out of dreamland by Jay groggily trying to free himself from the covers.  As he stumbled toward the door, he croaked an appropriate get-out-of-bed battle cry: "For the strawberries!"

We picked up Jonathan and Mandy and drove for an hour before we finally pulled up to Marburger Orchard, only to be greeted by the signs: "Sold out.  Will re-open tomorrow."  I think the four of us sat there for at least a minute, just staring at the signs.  We had left early because we wanted to be there right when it opened--we'd heard that if you didn't arrive early, the berries would be gone.  

We didn't give up hope, though: the website said they opened at 9:00, but Jonathan had heard that they would usually open their gates an hour early (we'd arrived at 8).  Hoping that they really would be open at 9, we drove to Fredericksburg, a quaint town about 10 minutes down the road.  We stopped at a bakery that had a line that wrapped around the inside of the store and each bought a couple loaves of fresh bread and cinnamon rolls.  Mmmm.  We then turned around and headed back to the orchard.  

They were open!  I was so relieved (Even more than waking up early on weekends, I hate it when I make an effort to pull myself out of bed and it turns out to be for nothing).  

We had a great time and picked lots and lots of strawberries.  

The orchard was so picturesque with the peach trees covered in pink blossoms--I can't wait for fresh peaches!

Jonathan and Mandy.  

After we'd picked our fill, we went back to Fredericksburg.  It's a fun place: touristy and quirky with a main street lined with shops full of homemade goodies, antiques, art, vintage-y clothing, and unique gifts.  We had a delicious lunch at a little cafe, then did some window shopping and walking around.  

All in all, it was a delightful day.  Perfect weather, deliciously fresh strawberries, and a pleasant jaunt through town made for a fun day trip.  

Oh, and then we came home and had these lacy, delicate crepes for dinner with homemade whipped cream.  Heavenly.

This morning, we made strawberry muffins for breakfast--divine!  I was going to take a picture, but we ate them all too fast...

Stay tuned for more pick-your-own fruit pictures when the peaches come on in a couple of months.


  1. Delicious. I am wanting some of those crepes now! Your little adventure sounds heavenly. I love the first photo of you and Jay. Precious!!!

  2. Yum! I can't wait to get up to Lancaster, PA and get their fresh produce! It's the best! One of the only things I miss about living in California. Fresh produce! Send some of those crepes my way! hehehehe

  3. Oh fresh strawberries! How delicious!! I bet it was worth getting up that early!

  4. YUM I <3 strawberries. That looks like lots of fun! If you ever go to Davis, CA there is a place called Crepeville that is super good and you can order breakfast crepes and dinner ones too and dessert ones! its the best

  5. Ooh...what is your recipe for strawberry muffins? Were they good? Sounds like you had fun picking strawberries. I haven't been strawberry picking forever!

  6. The recipe we used is here:

    It's for blueberry muffins, but we substituted strawberries (I think we used just over a cup of sliced berries). I like the original crumb topping on the recipe (with white sugar) better than the brown sugar one everyone suggests in the comments, but that may be because when I made the brown sugar one (for blueberry muffins a few weeks ago) I overcooked them a little.