Monday, April 20, 2009

Alamo Tea Party

Jay and I went down to the Alamo on April 15th for San Antonio's "Tea Party."  Though I'd like to consider myself an activist (as in, a person who actively works to promote causes I believe in) in many areas, including politics, I must confess that my motivation for attending this event stemmed more from a desire to people watch than it did from a desire to protest.  

And people watch we did.  We arrived at 7:30, an hour and a half late, so the throngs of people had significantly diminished (Glenn Beck was already gone), but there were still several hundred people milling around and listening to a speaker.  She wasn't a very good speaker, unfortunately, which probably contributed to the dwindling crowds.  We stealthily shot some photos of our favorite signs and protesters, but towards the end I started asking people to pose.  

I love the "lost purse" poster, and I got a kick out of the "Basic Math: Obama = Liar" poster because it's so random.  He could have just as easily written "Basic English: Obama is a liar" or "Basic History: Obama lied" or "Fact: Obama lies" or any number of other variations.  I should have asked him for clarification.  

Loved all the variations of the "you can keep the change" posters.  This little girl stood there with her signs for a long time.  The back of one of them said something like, "Your pork broke my piggy bank."

Several demonstrators decided to use this venue to air out their Texas pride.

Dangling tea bags!  Note the red white and blue clothing of the cute couple.  

Looks like someone went a little crazy with a Cricut and scraps of scrapbook paper.  I like the quote, though.  For more interesting Thomas Jefferson quotes, click here.

One other sign I liked but didn't get a picture of was carried by an older gentleman who wore clothing that made it obvious he had been in the military at some point.  His poster read, "Send in the Navy Seals to deal with the Pirates in Washington D.C."

I had a lot of fun; I'm really glad we went.  There were definitely some crazies in attendance (hard-core Obama haters, white supremacists, dooms-dayers and advocates of Texas secession, to name a few), but they just added some spice to the gathering.  Can't say I had much patience with the racists, but I was really pleased that so many people turned out to show their support for a cause they believed in.  All too often, we Americans become complacent with our freedoms and we forget our civil responsibilities, not only to vote, but to peaceably assemble and let our voices be heard by those we have elected to represent us.  


  1. What an interesting thing to attend. I had heard of these occurring all over the US on NPR, but didn't hear of anything going on here in MN. We're too busy trying to figure out who our senator is. Oy vey! And that is on crazy scrapbooked sign!

  2. The signs are hilarious! I got to see a little of our local tea party (when I was sitting at a stoplight) and got a kick out of how many little kids were there with their parents, carrying their own signs. I think it's great that we have the right to voice our opinions in this country of ours, and enjoy it when those opinions come in clever posters.