Monday, April 27, 2009

California Spring Break, Day Two

The morning of Day Two, Jay and I got to take the Twins to their art class.  (Yes, art class.  For toddlers.  It was precious.)  They were a handful--all of us got covered in paint and glue and stickers--but we had so much fun!  I still think, out of all the cool things we got to do and see on our trip, playing with the twins ranks pretty high up on our list of favorites.  
Me in Aunt's gorgeous backyard after art class talking (okay, fine, gossiping) with Katie on the phone.   Jay put Girl Twin's bow in my hair (I may be lacking in fashion sense, but I don't usually wear orange and hot pink together).

Later that afternoon, we went to Big Bend National Park with Aunt and the Twins.  It was a cool, overcast day.  The Twins were soooo funny--they loved running around outside.  

These pictures make me laugh.  Every once in awhile I forget that I married a giant, but then I'll see pictures or something like this and get jolted back to reality.  Note not only where Jay's head hits the tree in relation to mine, but also his impressive wingspan.

The redwoods were beautiful--so tall and old and majestic.  

I'm not a huge fan of Twilight (the premise is interesting and the books are entertaining, but the whole thing is way over-hyped.  The movie was okay, but the acting was horrible.  This belongs in another post on another day.), but the moss-covered trees reminded me of the scenery in the movie.  Jay said he would pretend to be my Edward, but I told him no because a) I like a guy who can tan and b) I didn't want him to try scampering up a tree with me on his back.  

The day was cool and there were very few tourists; the woods were so quiet it felt almost like we were intruding.  At one point, Jay and I stopped to rest at a picnic table surrounded by trees and moss and ferns.  The ground was springy and the air was damp.  It was peaceful and serene.

Standing next to the roots of an enormous redwood that fell a long time ago.  When I was little, I would climb up the roots and walk along the top of this tree.  

A pretty little waterfall at the end of our hike.

There is something irresistible to me about fences, particularly antiquated or moss-covered ones.  This was no exception.  

A series of super-flattering pictures, courtesy of Jay.

Jay the wildlife photographer.  The jay is eating a piece of cheese the Twins dropped.

We had so much fun in California.  Have I mentioned that yet?


  1. I must say, with that wingspan, he could take on Michael Phelps! Maybe! hehehe.

  2. My heart! I love how happy you look when talking on the phone with me.

    Jay takes great photos of you!

  3. I'd have to agree with your mom and grandma - the pictures are awesome!! I know it's a pain to do the "travelogue"...but that was so fun to read/see!!