Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Before we got married, Jay and I typed out a couple pages worth of single-spaced goals.  Our aspirations encompassed everything from child rearing strategies to finances to future vacation destinations.  I think, somewhere in those lengthy lists, that we had a respectable section on establishing family traditions (I can't be entirely sure as I haven't looked at our goals since we got married).  At any rate, I've taken enough family life classes at BYU to know that most successful families have fun traditions (and probably some of the unsuccessful ones, too, but strangely they don't bring that up).  
In my family growing up, we had some awesome traditions.  I wonder if my parents didn't resent them at times, though, because when I lived at home I took it upon myself to be the "Tradition Nazi."  My self-composed job description consisted of pitching a fit at the slightest hint of a break in custom.  So, yes, we did get the same kind of Christmas tree every year, it sat in the same spot every year, we always did some type of Easter egg hunt, and we always marched down the hall singing "happy birthday"and carrying presents to the person in the "birthday chair."  The more I reflect, though, I think my mom may be as big of a traditionalist as I am, because I rarely had to pitch a fit.  Anyway, these traditions, among others, made for fun holidays and special events.  I've long been looking forward to implement some of these traditions in my own family, along with some we come up with on our own.  
So I was excited for Easter because it was the first "major" holiday we've celebrated with just the two of us.  I had lofty plans, including potentially even dyeing our own eggs.  I know it sounds a bit odd for two fully functional adults to spend an evening coloring hard-boiled eggs, but why should kids get to  have all the fun?  And won't it benefit our future children if we already have some family traditions firmly in place?  
No, we didn't end up dyeing eggs.  I still wanted to buy Easter baskets, though, and fill plastic eggs with candy and hide them around the house for Jay to find.  I also wanted to buy books for each other to put in our baskets (traditions from my family).  I figured that since we're still technically newlyweds, we could get away with it.  
Here's what actually happened: we bought a ton of candy.  Target was completely out of Easter baskets and plastic eggs, so we gave up on those.  Then we went to Borders to find books for each other.  I think we spent an hour there, but we ended up leaving empty-handed.  (I absolutely love to read, but I've discovered that I hate bookstores.  There were thousands upon thousands of books, and we looked at hundreds, but I can't just buy a book I haven't been recommended: most adult lit has way too much sex and language, and juv lit can be mindless and shallow.)
Easter morning Jay broke out the candy, but seeing my glum face, went into the bedroom and hid it.  I grabbed his packages of Cadbury and Reeses eggs and hid them in the living room.  Then we spent about 5 minutes laughing at each other hunt for candy.  
The day's redeeming feature (besides church) was a beautiful dinner: teriyaki glazed salmon, "homemade" Rhodes rolls, rice pilaf, and lettuce and strawberry salad served on our fine china.  We were joined by our friend Brennan, and we were all still so full two hours after dinner that we couldn't eat dessert.  
And finally, because Easter isn't so much about eggs or traditions as it is about resurrection and hope and Jesus Christ, here is a brief but powerful video.

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  1. sounds like a fun little Easter! I am big on traditions and keeping things the same. Sad to say that since my family has moved to Idaho and not so many kids are living at home anymore + everyone is older, they have stopped a lot of fun traditions that I used to love. Happy Harvesting around the house on Halloween, making Valentine's for each other and leaving cookies out for Santa. Sigh. I'll just have to start those traditions back up in my own family someday!