Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post Genres

I'm only a few months into this whole blogging thing, but I've noticed that most bloggers predominantly write in one or two of several formats: 

The Update: posts about babies, news, birthday parties, first days of school; usually text and pictures

The Travelogue: chronicles vacations, trips to the zoo, outings to the grocery store; usually text and pictures

The Photo Essay: tons of pictures, not much text

The Life Vignette: little daily happenings or trivial but sweet moments; brief and usually include a picture

The Op-Ed: passionately speaking out on issues from politics to knuckle-popping; mainly text

The Journal Entry: detailed and introspective; often contains TMI or info no one else cares about (except that we actually do, since we're all blog-stalkers)

The Essay/The Personal Narrative: often funny and always wordy, these posts are usually predominantly text

The Projecteer: includes all entries dealing with cooking, crafting, organizing, decorating, landscaping, etc. etc.; usually consists of pictures and captions/descriptions

Do you recognize yourself in any of these categories?  They are by no means comprehensive (I didn't include the "Look How Much Better My Life is Than Your Life" category because it can appear as a subcategory to any of the above), so feel free to add your own.  

I think my blog is a smorgasbord of most of the above--kind of like I have multiple personalities and all of them insist on making their voices heard in my various posts.  My existence can be a manic one, but I find peace through balance.  

I've been neglecting my blog lately, but stay tuned for a "Travelogue" entry chronicling our awesome spring break trip to California.  


  1. I love reading your blog. You always come up with the most thought provoking and hilarious things ever. I love you!

  2. You forgot the Reviewer, where opinions about anything from movies to products are shared, and the Informative blog in which the writer tells you how to do something that they are really good at.

  3. I Love you!! You were an amazing missionary and individual. I LOVE that you aren't afraid to let your voice be heard! Thanks for the pick me up!

  4. I know it's crazy Mitch is old enough to go on a mission! You have a pretty fun blog yourself. :) I'll let you know about the mission stuff in about a week! Weird!

  5. Huh. I found your categories to be very accurate! And I like that your blog is a smorgasborg of all of them!