Monday, May 4, 2009

California Spring Break, Day Three

Yes, I realize it's been months since our California trip, but these are the last of the pictures and I feel guilty for not having posted them. We loved the Bay Area and hope to visit again soon.

Our last day in California, we went to San Francisco. Even though I'd lived there and visited most years since, I had never been to Alcatraz. We thoroughly enjoyed it: the tour was interesting and informative, and it fully satisfied my macabre fascination with prisoners and notorious criminals.

Views on and around the island. Me sitting at the "desk" in a typical cell.

Loved the audio tour. Can't imagine living with no privacy.

Wildlife photographer Jay strikes again...

Sea lions and shops at Pier 39.

We got to go to dinner at my Grandpa's house in Los Altos.
Me playing the beautiful piano. Grandpa's wife is Jewish, so Jay and the other men wore yarmulkes for the pre-Passover meal (I think he really pulls it off, don't you?).

At Stanford University and the Rodin sculpture garden. It makes me happy how Jay looks like a midget next to the "Walking Man."
Rodin's The Thinker and the Gates of Hell.

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  1. I love all these photos! Looks like a blast.

    You look so pretty in all your photos- even in the jail cell : ) You know we could make that room look very glamorous if ever given a chance, lol!

    I have always wanted to participate in some of the major Jewish holidays. You are lucky to have had the chance : ) How neat!