Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Ketchup

I'm just wrapping up an unplanned one-month break from blogging (both reading others' and writing my own), email, and internet in general.  It's actually been tough to convince myself to start back up again, but I think writing is good for me.  Plus, blogging is a pseudo-productive time-waster (as opposed to my other completely non-productive time-wasters).  

Here is a brief rundown of events and milestones from the past 30 days or so:
  • A birthday (Jay's)
  • An anniversary
  • A two-week vacation
  • More board games than you can possibly imagine
  • Getting rained on in two national parks on two different weekends
  • A cabin stay
  • A trip to Logan
  • Two best friends' weddings
  • Two siblings' mission year marks
  • Singing duets in a rest home
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Fixing computers for Lindsay's family members (Jay)
  • Finishing second year of dental school and first year of grad school
  • Hair cuts
  • A move
  • Minor surgery
  • Encounters with two of Jay's sisters, two nieces, and a brother-in-law
  • Getting the royal treatment from my parents
  • Losing to Steven at Scum
  • Starting summer school (Lindsay) and studying for boards (Jay)
  • Making homemade wheat bread
  • Unpacking
  • Lots of books
  • A night in Tropic
  • Hiking Angel's Landing
I'll elaborate on a few of these at some point.  Life has been eventful and fun.  


  1. Sounds like you guys have been super busy to say the least! Steve and I were so sad that we missed you in Logan. I hope you enjoyed your short trip to our cooler climate and that the Aggie Ice Cream in some way compared to the BYU Creamery delectables. :)

  2. You've been busy. Ya! Scrapbookin' time : )