Monday, September 28, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance

In my last post I mentioned Texas flag shower curtains. You may have sensed from my tone that I think they're maybe just a little over the top.

Well, my friends, "over the top" has just reached a whole new level.

(Yes, this is for real: I saw one for sale at Burlington Coat Factory.)

Believe it or not, was actually sold out of Barack Obama shower curtains. I think I'm going to abandon my plans to open a Texas gift shop and start up an Obama memorabilia store instead. Because while our President may be a socialist, I am most certainly a capitalist.


  1. Oh for the love... he's not a socialist, but... the shower curtain is stupid. I don't know, I like plain shower curtains. I'm boring like that. Just a classic white cotton one will do-

  2. That's why I said he may be. He MAY be a socialist. :)

  3. I so enjoy your blog. I wish I was as clever and witty as you. Even though I am not great at leaving comments, I am on your blog quite often. Have you seen the Obama Chia Pet? I about peed my pants. I will flat out say Obama is a socialist.

  4. o man thats so crazy..honestly!