Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Addition

Well, we spontaneously decided it was about time to add to our little family:

Meet Lucy.

She's about four months old and as cute as they come. We found her near Jay's grandma's house out in the country. For a feral cat, she sure warmed up to us fast. When it was time for us to go back home, I didn't want to leave her. Jay was surprisingly amenable (he later told me he'd been planning on getting me a kitten for Christmas), and we packed her up in the car and drove the seven hours back to San Antonio as she slept peacefully in our laps.

Lucy is fun. She's a mix of spastic and extremely good-natured. She loves the Christmas tree... a little too much. We quickly had to move all the ornaments from the bottom half of the tree, and as you can see, the lights from the lower branches are on the floor.

She's loving and playful and soft. She curls up next to us on the couch and runs to greet us when we walk through the door. I've been lavishing all of my pent-up maternal instincts on her (poor cat!).

Of course, most of the time she looks like this:

And after her bath, she looked like this (note that she's hiding and glaring):

We love our kitty!


  1. Giboson is waiting and ready. He loves the tree, too. He and Lucy are certainly soulmates :)

  2. She is too cute! I'm glad you have something to lavish your maternal instincts to. hehehe.

  3. Awe..I'm jealous. Lucy is so cute. Stray cats can make the best pets--I'm still hoping to come across the perfect tabby.