Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disc Golfing in Beaumont

A couple weekends ago, we went to Beaumont to visit Jay's sister Andrea and her husband David. We were only planning on staying from late Friday night to Sunday afternoon, so we left Lucy home by herself (with plenty of food, water, and fresh litter), but we were having such a good time that we stayed through Monday morning. (Poor Lucy--I still don't think she's over it! We've always shut her out of our room at night, but now when she wakes up in the middle of the night she scratches under our door and yowls. Separation anxiety?)

I didn't get a lot of pictures during our visit, except when we went to the frisbee golf course. Me + Frisbees = not much fun, so I decided to take the opportunity to figure out how to work our new camera in manual mode. Here's some pictures from the day. Watch for the mid-flight frisbees.

I love how hard Jay concentrates--check out that tongue!

Jay threw his frisbee into the water. It took a little bit of gymnastics to get it out:

David's disc landed like this right on the side of the stream. Nice!

Here are a few shots of the landscape (I was trying to get a handle on manual focus and light settings):

We had a great time. Thanks for hosting us and feeding us, Andrea and David!


  1. wow love the pix! what kind of camera are you using again?

  2. I have such bad form when I throw...maybe next time I should take the pictures too :) They look great Lindsay and you are invited back anytime you want.