Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Camera

Instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other this year, Jay and I decided to invest in a new camera. It's something we've thought about doing for a long time, but were hesitant because nice cameras are EXPENSIVE. And BIG. And INTIMIDATING. We ended up taking the plunge, though, because we wanted to learn to work it well before we have kids. And also because Jay offered to carry it on our outings (call me a wuss, but size/portability was a big issue for me).

We got a Canon Rebel XSi, and I really like it. There has certainly been a learning curve, but we're slowly getting the hang of it. I don't have a very artistic eye, so I harbor no aspirations of going pro, but I do hope to become proficient.

Here are some of the more artsy shots we've gotten so far (these were taken at my parents' cabin over Christmas break):

Jay snapped this beautiful sunset from the cabin:

I bundled up in at least 10 layers to venture outside and snap these photos. It had been snowing all day:

I love this picture Jay took of our friend Scott during a rousing game of Curses in the cabin basement:

And this picture of a San Antonio sunset:

If anyone out there with superior photography skills would be willing to teach us a few tricks, we'd be happy to make you dinner or babysit your kids! I find that one-on-one instruction is a whole lot more effective than reading manuals...


  1. LOVE IT! You are a pro already, wow.

    You kill me with the portability issue. LOL. You know I'm a bag lady so I don't even care. Pile it in!

  2. These are looking good...I claim no superiority. Just luck! :) My advice: take 500 pictures and 10 will be good for sure.

  3. omgosh those are some amazing shots you got! Wowee. Now I want one! LOL Im all about portability too. I like being able to slide my camera in to my pocket and not worry about it. If I got one of those and carried it around w/me, people would think I'm a pro photographer or something! I'd just be..a poser! LOL good luck, looks like its going great!