Friday, January 29, 2010

Speech Therapy and Barbies

A new year, a new semester. This time around, I'm interning at a local middle school (last semester, I was at a military hospital). I really enjoy it. I still don't think I'll ever work in a school setting, but I like my supervisor, and the kids are a hoot.

When I was a kid, we used to get together with our favorite cousins all the time. We were always up to crazy shenanigans of one sort or another. I remember one day we decided to put on a Barbie fashion show/beauty pageant for our little sisters, so we dressed up the dolls and did their hair. In the process, we found a "Ken" doll that had long, brushable hair (I think it was the doll version of the post-metamorphosis "Beast"), and one of us decided it would be fun to dress him up like a girl and put him in the lineup. Then someone else (probably me) decided it would be pretty awesome if Ken/Beast ended up winning the beauty pageant, because wouldn't the little girls look foolish when we unveiled him? So we set to work, teasing his hair, wiggling a dress up over his man-thighs, and even applying real makeup in an attempt to make him the most beautiful Barbie transvestite ever. The dress wouldn't fasten in back, but we safety pinned it and resolved to only show his front. We dressed down the other Barbies with avant garde hairstyles and fuchsia dresses, and invited the little girls in for the show.

Sara and Tierra were probably only 8 and 6, but they took just one look at tranny Ken and asked, through their giggles, why we had dressed a BOY up in GIRL clothes.

And it was true: he looked pretty ridiculous.

I feel like speech therapy in a middle school is often similar to this experience: we spent hours brainstorming and planning and working to come up with creative ideas and games that will help the kids accomplish their goals in a fun setting. Unfortunately, all too often, the kids just give me a funny look that says, "Miss, this isn't fun, it's work dressed up in a Mickey Mouse suit. Stop pretending this is Disneyland so we can get this over with and go back to class."

And I'll be darned if they aren't right.

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  1. I laughed so hard at this post!! I tried to read it out loud to Dave but he said he couldn't understand me through the giggles.