Friday, February 5, 2010

Lucy, the Pubescent Cat

{love that awesome paint job, don't you? ah, the joys of living in an apartment complex...}

They just grow up too fast, don't they? In November we brought home a kitten; now we have a CAT. (I guess she's technically a kitten until she's a year old, but that's like calling a 15-year old a "child.") Lucy is about 8 months old now, and she is a full-fledged cat teenager, complete with mood swings, hyperactivity, and acne. (Didn't know cats get acne? Yeah, me neither.) Her poor little chin is currently swollen about three times its normal size due to a monster zit. Poor dear; I can relate. I'm looking into buying some Clearasil or something to minimize her breakouts...

Oh, and she went into heat this week. It's actually been pretty funny: she's been super affectionate, purring and rubbing her head against our feet (especially Jay's), and any time we'd try to pet her, she'd stick her little bum up in the air. I sternly explained to her that there is no chance she's going to "get lucky" while she's living under my roof, and, thankfully, her embarrassing behavior has mostly subsided.

New on the to-do list: get Lucy spayed.


  1. wow...I had no idea cats could get acne! I want a cat so bad but Erik won't let me. Yeah you might want to get her spayed. Unless you want kittens, of course :)

  2. So precious. Gibson is excited to meet Lucy. He wants to know if it's okay that he doesn't really have balls- can they adopt? LOL

  3. That is a shocker! I had not idea either that cats could get acne. Getting Icarus neutered is on our to-do list. He has these manly meows. Him and Lucy are probably about the same age?