Monday, February 8, 2010

McAllister Park Part II: The Wildlife Shots

One of the main reasons we went to McAllister Park was the deer. They're everywhere, especially in the late afternoon. Jay gets really excited about them: he tiptoes through the brush, quiet as an Indian (Native American? Does even positive stereotyping make me racist?), just to get a few feet closer. He would make a really good hunter, and I've thought about sending him off on the deer hunt with my uncles and cousins. Except that he doesn't like guns. Or killing things. So never mind about hunting.

He does, however, make a great wildlife photographer:

We saw lots of deer on our (never-ending) hike, and we took about a million pictures of them. Well, Jay took about a million pictures of them. He just kept snapping away while I watched. He got some great shots.

And then this buck stepped into the clearing. He was beautiful. And bold. And quite cocky. We're relatively sure he was a teenager on a dare. He looked at us a few times, cool as you please, and then went right back to casual grazing.

Jay handed me the camera, his shutter-finger exhausted. And right then, Buck decided to emerge from the trees.

(You'll notice that my manual focus skills are emerging at best.)

(Then right after I switched to auto focus, he looked at me. Deciding I'd rather blame bad focus on me than the camera (hey, I'm all about accountability), I switched back to manual.)

It's always a little surreal to be close to wild animals, especially big ones. Deer seem to be delicate and deliberate at the same time. This one strode with quiet confidence. His skittish female friends crashed through the underbrush behind him in a frenzied panic.

I think this one's my favorite: he looks regal, soft, and proud.

And in this one, he looks wild; almost like a lion. Check out that eye! Raar.

And in this one, he's walking away. His whiskery chin, almost like a peach-fuzz beard, makes me laugh.

I hope his punk teenage friends were watching him. He totally deserves some elevated status after this macho display.


  1. These are really terrific photographs!

  2. Great photography Lindsey! I like your blog alot. Did I ever tell you that you remind me of my sister? Well you do, you and her see the world in a similar way. She is very artistic, and musically talented, and so I loved reading your blog, because of those things. Hope your semester is going well!