Sunday, February 14, 2010


I never really liked Valentine's Day before I got married--even the years when I had a boyfriend, the whole thing was just too much pressure. Now, though, I think it's great. What couple doesn't love an excuse to go out on a date or make a fancy dinner? What woman doesn't like flowers, chocolate, and/or presents? What man doesn't love watching chick flicks? (Okay, so that last one was wishful thinking...)

Valentine's Day or not, I love spending time with this guy:

What other man could pull off brown scrubs with ceiling fan tassel "earrings"?

I'm the luckiest.


  1. He's a hoot!

    Happy V-day.

    I like V-day, I tried to make heart shaped bread, but it turned into a circle braid. Go figure! Oh well :)

  2. Hehehe!! Love it Jay!! I agree, Valentines is much better married. No pressure, just fun, fun, fun!!