Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Days Will Come to You All Year

"Your parents spoil us," Jay said to me a couple months back.  

"How so?" I replied.  But I didn't really need to ask; I was already scrolling through a list in my mind.  Plane tickets.  Fillet mignon.  Hosting us for weeks on end.  Dad's fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs.  Letting us veg at the cabin.  Fillet mignon.  Providing vehicles.  Free teeth cleanings.  Movies and dinners.  Fillet mignon.  

"Strawberry pie," he said.  "I can't wait for strawberry pie."

No, Jay isn't turning 119 or 911.  Nor is he turning 11.  It's still pretty safe to say, though, that he's an old man.

And if you haven't experienced Croshaw's fresh strawberry pie, you are missing out.  Big time.  It really is that good.

Happy Birthday, baby.

                                  (...and thanks, Mom and Dad.)


  1. Ah- that's not even close to old! Give him one more year :) Happy Birthday to Jay!

  2. That's a way cute purse that's hanging on the door behind Jay :)

    Oh . . . and Happy Birthday to Jay :) haha.