Monday, June 21, 2010


I have about 103 things I need to blog about.  Which is probably why I haven't blogged about any of them.  I get overwhelmed sometimes, you know?  

Another reason is that my computer sorta bit the dust.  That is, it would have if it had a mouth.  We were visiting family in Beaumont.  Sweet Jay was getting all the heavy bags out of the car (like he always, always does.  And I never have to pump my own gas when he's around.  I'm seriously spoiled.).  My computer cord, apparently, was caught on the suitcase.  So as Jay lifted out the luggage, out fell my laptop.  I heard it clatter to the ground.
"That wasn't my computer," I said.  "Tell me that wasn't my computer."

"Ummm..." Jay said.  (He doesn't lie, and he doesn't like me to be unhappy.  Stalemate.  He's generally more eloquent.)

And then I died a little.  Because Lucy (my computer, not my cat.  I had kinda forgotten that I'd named my laptop Lucy until after we named Lucy.  I guess it's what I name all my child substitutes) has been my faithful companion for the last two and a half years.  My link to the outside world.  

I walked into the house in a daze, plugged her in, hit the on button.  She (very noisily) came to life.  It was quickly apparent that the fan was broken.  If I held her vertically, the noise stopped.  But that doesn't make for ergonomic computer use, so she needs to be fixed.  

Right now, she's laying (lying? Grammar freak that I am, I have never understood the lay/lie rule) in pieces all over the living room.  If Jay can figure out how to get one last piece off, he should be able to replace the fan himself (he's a mad computer genius like that).  

So the point of this post (which was only going to be three sentences, but then my drama carried me away--it's an unfortunate tendency) is that I can't bring myself to blog on Jay's computer because it's just not the same.  I miss Lucy's feminine rounded corners, her sleekness, her repository of all my edited photos.  Jay's computer is masculine and boxy--not stylish at all. 

Any positive thoughts or prayers for Lucy (the computer, not the cat--though the cat could probably use some, too) would be welcomed.  I probably won't get my elusive blogging chi back until she's up and running again.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am lds too :) Congrats on graduating!

  2. LOL! Linds, you crack me up. I love you so much. Hope Lucy (the computer) gets fixed soon.

  3. Ugh. Computer drama is the WORST. I pray for you and Lucy!!!!

    I thought you were on hiatus from blogging because you were making it rain at Anthro with fashion expert of the universe (not) Rachel Bagley. lol.

  4. oh no i hope he is able to fix it! fingers crossed..go check out my exciting news on fb ;-)

  5. Name this movie: "She named her luggage...she's a crackpot!" Your post made me laugh and I hope you get it fixed soon! Also, once you get another computer you will miss your first one for a while, but actually not that long since the first one had enough problems to make you buy a new one (try fixing that grammar!) Anyway, good luck!!