Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 on the 25th

  1. Jay's sister Andrea, her husband David, and their new baby, Elizabeth, stayed with us for the past four days.  We really loved having them.  I don't think we did much the whole time they were here--Jay worked on their teeth and we went out to dinner once, but other than that, we just kinda hung out.  I don't even know that we talked to each other all that much; it was just nice to be with family.  You know?
  2. I learned that babies can be loud--their respiratory systems are tiny, but very efficient. 
  3. I also learned that babies are precious.  I might even want one.  
  4. But only if its head is as perfectly shaped as Elizabeth's.  
  5. My new job is going pretty well.  I'm not crazy passionate about what I'm doing, but it's a good job.  I often find, almost to my surprise, that I'm enjoying myself.  
  6. Plus, I think they're paying me too much.  It's hard for me to imagine that I'm worth anything much more than six bucks an hour.  I keep waiting for my boss to call me into her office and tell me they've made a mistake.  
  7. Until then, I'm going to keep flying under the radar.
  8. Oh, and while I'm being all tacky and talking about taboo things like salary, I got my first paycheck the other day.  
  9. It was pretty exciting.  "We're rich!" I crowed to Jay over the phone.  I almost went and made it rain at Anthro.
  10. But then I realized we aren't rich.
  11. Actually, if you want the truth, our net worth will be in the red for a long, long time.  
  12. It was a nice moment, though.  You know, before reality came and crushed it.
  13. My family spent last week on a houseboat on Lake Powell.  Without me.  
  14. A week or two before that, they spent a week in California.  Without me.
  15. Sometimes being the oldest is hard.
  16. I've been "sick" for over a month.  Wheezy hacking cough, full (and overflowing) sinuses.  Some days I feel fine; some days I really, really don't.
  17. (I say "sick" because it's a mostly functional sick.  My self-diagnosis?  Bronchitis and sinus infection.  If you're reading this and your kids are in my nursery class, I swear I use hand sanitizer.)
  18. I've coughed so much that I've discovered muscles I never knew I had.  
  19. (Technically, I did know I have them--I took three anatomy courses.  They're called intercostals.  I just really wanted to use that expression.)
  20. They are so sore that every cough has an "ow Ow OW!" tacked to the end of it.  
  21. I've gone through the equivalent of three boxes of psuedoephedrine.  
  22.  You can only buy one box at a time.  Apparently they make meth out of that stuff. I keep expecting the pharmacy guys to turn me over to the cops.  Particularly when they ask me, "what size box would you like?" and I say, without fail, "the biggest one you've got."
  23. Maybe they can tell somehow, with their super-pharmacist-senses, that you can't fake stuffiness like what I've got.  Seriously, I've been a mouth-breather these past few weeks.  
  24. Lucy (cat) ate a spider the other day.  I've never loved her more.
  25. That pretty well sums up my past two weeks.  How were yours?


  1. You crack me up.

    I cannot wait for you to have a baby. He or She will be perfect in every way and drop dead gorgeous!

    Sorry you are still sick. That's awful. I love the medicine you have to sign for. Not only does it make me feel better it also makes me feel high, which is awesome! Talk about LOOPY!

    I wish Lucy would of talked to me when you put the phone up to her mouth. Gibson has been meowing up a storm, typical!

  2. I love all the pictures and comments you make about my baby! She is going to grow up and think you are her favorite aunt :)

    By the way we loved staying at your house that weekend too, cant wait for next weekend.

  3. I loved your nursery comment! I'm glad you use hand sanitizer...and we should get together soon! For the record, I don't think they pay you enough!