Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet Elizabeth

Last weekend, we went to visit Jay's family in Louisiana so that we could meet up with Jay's sister, Andrea, and our new niece, Elizabeth.  She is beautiful and soft and wiggly.  She has a perfectly shaped head and bright blue eyes.  I love her.  

Andrea was kind enough to let me steal her baby for an hour so I could practice taking pictures.  

We had fun, Elizabeth and I.

Okay, so mostly I.  But I like to think she enjoyed it, too.

The whole "Aunt" thing is still new to me.  I have two other nieces and a brand new nephew, and it's only just now starting to sink in.

Maybe it's because I "married into" being an aunt.  Spending Christmas with my two oldest nieces, though, sealed the deal.

I love being an aunt.  

I can be proud of the little tykes, play with them, brag about them...

But when they cry, I can just hand them back to their moms.  

It's kinda like being a grandparent, but without all that raising-your-own-kids stuff.  Not that I'm opposed to having kids.

Especially if they look like this.

Thanks, Andrea, for letting me take pictures of your baby.  And for letting me post them so I can brag on my niece.  

And most of all...

Welcome, Elizabeth.


  1. You are welcome to practice photography on any of my kids. Actually we need a new family picture taken, are you interested?

  2. aww what a cutie! those are some great pix!

  3. She is precious. Great photography too!

  4. What a beauty! Lindsay, you are a natural at taking pictures of newborns! They all turned out fabulous. You definitely have an eye for photography! It makes me want to learn how to use my camera :)

  5. Beautiful baby and grat job on the pictures. Any time you're in Houston stop on by and you can "practice" on my kids all you want ... they probably won't be as still though ;)

  6. and by grat, I meant great ...

  7. Man I should check out your blog more often, that is an amazing post about my baby girl! Thanks for the pictures and the blog, maybe I should print it out as a keepsake for her. :)

  8. Great pictures!! What a cutie :)