Friday, August 20, 2010

OLLU: A Photo Essay

I recently posted an essay in which I attempted to paint an evocative picture of my graduate school.  A couple weeks before I graduated, I walked around campus with my camera in an attempt to visually capture the atmosphere.  There were several things I meant to shoot but didn't (like the building I "lived" in), and a few things I didn't plan on shooting but ended up liking.  The library, pictured above, is one of my favorites.

Moye and the corridor into the quad

Quad and bookstore

The "Lake" and the ducks.  

The back of the convent and a sampling of statues

Hibiscus and Amaryllis.  Love them both.

The construction on not-quite-burned-down Main.  Love the "fallout shelter" sign--wonder how long that's been there?

Scrolls and Gothic arches


  1. These are lovely, Lindsay!

    I think some of those trees are spectacular. And I see a few of my favorites: St. Bridget and The Holy Family :)

  2. So, can I tell you . .. you may be a little too good at the photography thing . . . You make the school look like it's somewhere beautiful and slightly affluent with all of the architecture, green, and pretty water. All your complaints now look invalid ;-)