Sunday, September 26, 2010

Close Up

I love little things.  Close ups.  Details.  I love the minuscule flecks of dirt on Jay's fingertips, and I love that he has a tiny snail shell on each finger.

Looking at this picture, you have no idea that Jay is wearing a suit.  That his sister and her family were standing a few feet away.  That we were walking around the temple grounds.  That it was a beautiful, sunny, hot hot July day.  It doesn't tell you that Elizabeth was zonked out, that we were in the middle of taking pictures of her and Andrea and David, that after we were done, we went to Great Harvest and bought a loaf of honey whole wheat bread.

Most of the time, the things we see make up only a tiny snippet of a whole reality.  From looking at another person, you don't know their history.  You don't know how their morning was or what's important to them or what their favorite candy bar is.

But even though, in the grand scheme of things, all we see through the wavy glass of imperfect understanding are the equivalent of closeups, detail without the whole picture, there is beauty to be found when we take the time to look for it.


  1. I agree very whole heartedly.

    On a side note - Macro is my favourite form of photography and oddly enough the one I am best at. You can get examples by looking back a few pages on my blog (before my camera got stolen..)

  2. What is your favorite candy bar? I'm guessing something chocolaty...mine is almond joy! We need to hang out soon! I love your thoughts and pictures!

  3. Shannon, you're right on--it's a Kit Kat. :)

  4. Good thing my fingernails were clean...