Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Reunion 2010: Saturday

Saturday, we went to Six Flags.  

It was a day full of sunscreen and roller coasters, heat and fun and family. And I realize I'm easily distracted, but doesn't Jay have amazing cheekbones?  

The kidlets did pretty well, considering what a long day it was.  My three nieces--aren't they sweet?

I love this picture of Andrea and Elizabeth.  The babies spent most of the day dozing in the heat.

Looks like Olivia, too, caught a nap or two.

The grandparents were a great help with the kids, especially the babies.  

Uncles Josh and Newt were indispensable as well--I've never met young adolescent boys so good with children and happy to help out.  The older nieces adore them.

Gracie and Olivia had a blast.  Lindsay, being pregnant, could not go on rides--a major bummer, but Linds put her game face on and got to watch her cute girls discover the joys of roller coasters and water parks.  

This was by far my least "efficient" trip to an amusement park--whenever I've gone before, it's always been about fitting in the most rides and maximizing riding time.  This time, with seventeen (and a half) people to keep track of and arrange rendezvous with, two babies who needed feeding every hour or two, and a 50+ year age spread and varied interests, it wasn't possible to pack in the rides.  

Really, though, that ended up being just fine.  We got to spend a little bit of time with everyone, frequently switching up groups based on babies' feeding schedules and peoples' activity desires.

And let me just say, how did we ever live without cell phones?  Even with them, we had our share of miscommunications, but we always managed to find each other in the end.  

I've always loved roller coasters and thrill rides, but I think I'm starting to get old: the park itself was just so loud and big and busy and hot.  I felt like I had an amusement park hangover after just three hours.  

But, you know, despite the screaming neck and shoulder muscles, the bruises from jolting rides, the excessive noise and ridiculous prices, I really had a good time.  

There's just something about being with family.


  1. You took some really great photographs of your family!

  2. The packing rides made me laugh. That was exactly what my last Disneyland trip was like with over 40 of us. Not a normal Disneyland trip for me. I went more days then normal and way less rides :)

  3. What a fun day! I look at those pictures and still think it's weird to see Elder Denton. What a small world that he was in our ward here in Colorado when we moved in.

  4. I never noticed his cheekbones before :) How are you so good at so many things? You have an amazing gift with writing and photography...not to mention the million of other things like music and critical thinking and being able to hold a political conversation without taking offense! Holy Toledo lady!! Happy Birthday by the way! I'm so glad you were born!

  5. Wow! You are really good at taking pictures!

    Now for a serious question, is the second picture taken in the place where the PMG video greenie was taken his first time street contacting? :)