Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Reunion 2010: Sunday

Sunday was a slightly more relaxing day.  Most people got to sleep in awhile and then come over to our place for breakfast crepes.  We went to church, ate dinner, and then just hung out.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but one of Elizabeth's bows ended up on Jeremy, and I feel almost bad posting these pictures, but his father, Erik, is very secure in his son's masculine manliness, so I'm  not going to worry that these pictures will give the kid (or his parents) a complex.  

There has been a dearth of Jeremy pictures in my previous posts.  While I never did get the chance to do a photo shoot, we did get a few pictures.

Jeremy does this flailing thing with his arms--they're constantly in motion.  He looks a little like like he's conducting an orchestra.  An orchestra that never stops.

Mostly, though, he's just a really cute kid.

Why is Elizabeth in a chicken suit?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Seriously--I was just sitting there and then I turned around and there she was.  In a chicken suit.  Bawk bawk.  

That evening, we went on a family Sunday walk.  You may recognize this park as the place we went with Amy and Erik on Friday.

I miss taking Sunday walks.  My family used to go out walking--sometimes biking--on Sundays.  I loved it.

Andrea and David (and now Toby and Elizabeth) go on walks together every Sunday.  We visited them once a couple weeks before Elizabeth was born and joined them on their family walk.  Andrea was great with child, but she walked two miles.  I was impressed.

Lindsay and Tyler and their cute girls.  Word on the street is she's having a BOY, so we're excited to welcome nephew #2 in a few months.

Jay can do a "one-handed" chin up.  Impressive, no?  Check out Gracie and Olivia's guns.  Work it, girls!

Me and Jay.  I really, really love this guy.  Even if he is about six inches too tall.  It just goes to show, nobody's perfect.  Not even Jay.

How does it feel to be six inches tall of perfection, baby?  

Looks like Olivia doesn't mind that Jay's imperfect.  

Speaking of perfect, check out these babies.  

Like I mentioned earlier, this was the first time that the whole clan has been together since our wedding nearly two and a half years ago.  The love was tangible, to say the least.  

And there they are.  All seven.  From youngest to oldest.  You can see how the older siblings have rebelled against the family tradition of wearing dress clothes all day Sunday.  For shame.  

There were some crazy and hectic times, but we loved having the whole fam visit us in San Antonio.  We're not sure how we lucked out to be the ones everyone came to visit, but we hope they'll all come back soon.  And often.  

Especially when we move out of a one-bedroom apartment and into a house.  


  1. Fun pictures! And I love all your comments about Jay...y'all are too cute. =)

  2. lol! so funny. I remembered when our parents tried to keep us in our sunday clothes all of sunday. i think my youngest 2 brothers who live at home still do. so are going to move and get a house sometime in the near future??

  3. Jay is so photogenic! I love those baby photos- why are babies so cute?!? I am constantly wondering this!

  4. That family weekend was fun for us too now! Thanks for sharing these photos with us...they are sweet and funny.

  5. Okay well I think I have an answer to a couple of questions for you.
    First of all Jeremy was wearing Elizabeth's bow b/c Gracie decided ALL babies need a bow... needless to say our future little boy is probably going to turn into a girly boy since he will have 2 older sisters.
    Then Elizabeth was suddenly in a chicken suit b/c Andrea asked me to bring Gracie's baby Halloween costume for her to wear and of course she had to try it on her once it arrived. She will make a great chicken this year for Halloween!