Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is Likely Only Funny to Me. Sorry About That.

We went into a speaker store last weekend.  The salesguys swarmed like piranhas.  One of them insisted on demoing some of their products for us.  

When trying to explain to us the differences between the two sound systems he'd just shown us, salesguy Tim exhibited some word-retrieval difficulties.  "The first one we listened to is more, uh, detailed," he said.  "You can hear all the glass tinkling and all of the individual explosion sounds in that Die Hard clip.  The second one has a fuller sound.  But this one, the first one, it's kinda more, well, clearer or--you know, you can hear all the little sounds, so it's more... um..."

Being a helpful person (and a speech pathologist), I reached into my lexicon and pulled out a favorite, well-used adjective.  

"Crisp?" I offered.  

"Yeah, yeah!" he said.  "Exactly!  The sound of the first one is way more crispy."  

So we had to listen to him say "crispier sound" at least ten times in the remainder of his fifteen-minute demo.  I was looking at sound systems, but all I could think of were potato chips and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Crunch.

Thank heaven I didn't give in to my urge and suggest that the second system had a "warm" sound quality--who knows what that would have turned into?


  1. This was definitely funny to me, too.

  2. Haha! I love reading your writing.

  3. Only because I know you so well is this hilarious! I can see the twinkle in your eye as you offered the word "crisp" to him! HAHA!!

  4. @ Laura: haha! You are so right on! The twinkle. haha

    Lindsay, we need to go shopping :) I miss days like this.

  5. Oh no. Rest assured that is funny to everyone! Coming over from MMB thanks for the laugh!

  6. Definitely funny. Sometimes, after searching for a word, I find myself reusing the word a lot, but I at least try to get the grammar right! I think I would have gone straight from the store to the supermarket!

  7. What's funnier is that now that guy is going to use that term on the next shopper and they will have NO IDEA what he is talking about! :)

    Came over from MMB...

  8. Oh, word retrieval problems. That is the story of my life. I would tell you all about it, except I can't think of the right words...