Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on 10/10/10

I really did write this on 10/10/10--I just didn't post it.  Things have been a bit hectic on my end.  How about yours?

1.  Fasting + teaching nursery = death
I'll admit it: I wasn't excited about being asked to "teach" nursery at church (the 18 month - 3 year olds).  The first month or so was rough.  It's not that the kids are bad--I'm just bad with kids.  Anyway.  The past couple months, though, things have gotten better.  I think I've hit my nursery "groove"--Jay and I and the kids are pretty comfortable with each other now.  For the most part, I enjoy my two hours a week of watching 7-10 little people run around.  

2.  Except on Fast Sunday.  Me: starving, exhausted, cranky.  Kids: HYPER.  I swear, when I had to pass out goldfish crackers at snack time, I almost keeled over.  I held them under my nose and inhaled their cheesy scent.  More than once.  Jay and I basically gave the tykes free reign and did everything we could to sit limply on our butts the whole two hours.

3.  I lay down yesterday and read a book all morning while Jay cleaned the house.  I felt guilty,  but loved it at the same time.  I love my husband.  And reading.  But I love my husband more.  

4.  I've been working on irregular past tense verbs with one of my clients at work, and I had a breakthrough of my own--I finally got the lie/lay lay/laid forms down.  I think.

5.  Grammar freak that I am, I'm quite excited about this accomplishment.

6.  I'm also excited because my 5 year old client has them down, too.

7.  Which means that the two of us now belong to the 1% of English-speakers who know (or care) about the difference between lie and lay.  

8.  I'm still in denial that it's October.  I am dreading the end of daylight savings time--I hate when it starts getting dark at 5:30.  

9.  Jay is sitting next to me, eating a bowl of Kix.  There's no milk in the bowl, but he's still using a spoon.  Odd.

10.  Jay and I got a new phone plan two weeks ago--we switched to T-Mobile because I was getting booted off my family's plan and T-Mobile was cheapest.  We both got nice touch-screen phones for free.  But then I started freaking out that I would have to ration talking time with my family (turns out I use lots of cell phone minutes), so we went back to Costco on the last possible day and canceled our plan.  We signed up with Verizon, so now I can yak to my fam whenever and for however long I want.  And I am at peace. 


  1. I consider any nursery teacher to be my hero. No doubt you're receiving more blessings than the rest of us!

  2. "I am at peace" lol. Love it. Gotta talk to people!!!

  3. I care about lie/lay lay/laid, so count me in the 1%. (Unfortunately I think it's a lost cause.) Nursery IS exhausting, and I only did it for a few weeks. Some days were great, and other days I couldn't believe it wasn't 4:00 yet. So props to you.

  4. PS - don't forget "lain" -- lie/lay/lain. But be warned that saying "lain" garners strange (and sometimes confused) looks.

  5. Rofl! I got excited when you said you got Tmobile bc thats what I have. But gotta get what is gonna be best for you even though its on Verizon. Did you get the Droid phones? Ugh I hated the nursery calling. Way too many kids (18 or so) and at least 5 adults..but i got sick more than i ever have in my life with that calling. And yes, fast sundays were hard :-/ Good luck

  6. Congrats on the lie/lay/laid! And fasting while teaching nursery? That deserves a clap!

  7. I'm pretty sure the difference between lie and lay needs its own blog entry.
    And bless you for teaching nursery. Mine's going in this Sunday. :D

  8. I agree with Hilary. Really. Whenever I use "those words" I have to think very hard. A refresher would be nice. :)