Monday, January 17, 2011

A Vent.

There are some things that make me cranky.  

(Maybe more than some things.)

Seems like it wasn't too long ago that I would ride the waves of my passionate opinions until they crashed me into the shore.  And, okay, maybe I still do sometimes.  But not like I used to.  (Really!  I've mellowed!)  I'm working to bridle my passions, and I think I'm much more chill than I used to be.  

But this whole Arizona shooting thing has had me seething.  First, can I just say what a horrible, devastating, senseless tragedy it is.  My heart aches for the families of those who were injured or killed.  

Second, the gunman was completely, dangerously insane; a man who had no real agenda or cause he was advocating.  He was clearly his own agent and clearly crazy.  

So why, in a time when this country should be wrapping its arms around this grieving community, these injured individuals, these suffering families, are politicians and the media so consumed with a completely petty and baseless blame game?  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Do they not realize that the entire country is sitting back and looking on in disgust as they shamelessly use someone else's tragedy to further their own empty political agendas?  

As far as I can tell, Jared Loughner had no political affiliation.  He was a registered independent.  He was did not identify with either conservative or liberal views.  

So what's with the personal attacks?  We're expected to believe that somehow an obscure two year old campaign graphic is to blame for this heinous crime?  That the word "target" or a crosshairs icon pushed this guy over the edge?  Why were these claims not immediately dismissed and called out for what they were: a cheap trick, slanderous mudslinging, completely baseless, outrageous, utterly ridiculous?

I'm disgusted.  It should never have been given air time.  And politicians need a lesson in tact.  There is a time and place for lobbying.  This is not it.  


  1. I know. I'm still in shock that this happened. Violence is something that I have a very difficult time understanding. As far as the stupid political drama goes, I've chosen to ignore it. I'm working on trying to edit as much crazy as I let into my mind. I've been carefully choosing when/where/how much news I view. It's made a difference. I need to be in the know but I'll skip the petty stuff! :) Miss and love you :)