Friday, March 25, 2011

Curly Hair: The Real Story

I have long felt defined--at least partially--by my hair.  There; I've admitted it.  It's not so much a vanity, I think, as it is that I'm subtly conscious of it all the time.  Not in a wow-my-hair-is-awesome way, but in an it's-always-there way.  (I am feeling increasingly sheepish as I write this because I realize that I am sounding increasingly ridiculous, but I think ridiculous is okay sometimes, so I'm giving myself permission to continue.)  

Here is how my self-view changes depending on what my hair is doing:  
  • Curly hair: I'm "fun and disorganized" Lindsay (the "disorganized" factor increases as the frizziness escalates.  If I weren't lazy, I would make a line graph to awe you with my mathematical prowess).  
  • Straight hair: I'm "sleek and put together" Lindsay.  It's weird, but I really do dress better and I'm more outgoing when my hair is straight.
  • Ponytail: I'm "sloppy and homebound" Lindsay--I realized recently that I am subconsciously more likely to opt to stay home if my hair is pulled back.  
Once upon a time, I used to have my hair straight an average of four out of seven days every week, but now I'm split pretty much fifty/fifty between curly and ponytail.  Partially because marriage really did make me low-maintenance--sorry, Jay--but it is kinda his fault because he honestly likes me best with curly hair and no makeup (what a keeper!).  So I guess I'll just claim that it's not laziness, but love, that motivates my thrown-together appearance every day...

Since I've been married, though, I've learned to like myself better with curly hair; I think it's a mark of maturity that I'm increasingly happy with the "natural" me.  So, just in case you've ever wondered, here's the good and the bad of living with curls.

    • I'm not going to lie:  it's a 5-minutes-or-less hairdo: run a brush through it straight out of the shower, put in a little gel, and let it air dry.  A major perk for total low-maintenance girls like me.  
    • Most days, I have pretty good second-day (or even third-day) hair--just spray in a little water, smooth, scrunch, and I'm good to go.  
    • It's a novelty--I get comments on it all the time and am often referred to as "the blonde girl with curly hair."  Also, people recognize me from behind from far away.  (Not sure that those are really pros, but oh well)
    • Makes for fun up-dos 
    • Jay likes it
    • I don't often invest the time (1-2 hours), but when I want to, I can wear it straight.  It can be fun to have options
    • Humidity and some rain only make it curlier

    • Humidity and rain make it curlier
    • I can't run my fingers through it
    • I can't brush it when I want
    • Clothes shopping is a nightmare--after trying on about three shirts, I have a halo of frizz.  Doesn't matter if I'm wearing my hair down or in a ponytail--the frizz is unavoidable.
    • Going swimming/to the lake/to a waterpark is also a nightmare: as my hair dries, it looks like I've been electrocuted.  Pulling it back doesn't help because--you guessed it--halo of frizz!  Halo of frizz!
    • I will be dependent on gel for the rest of my life

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011


    I got to meet Elise last weekend. 

    She is small and soft and perfect.

    Elise is my "close enough" niece.  

    Her mom is my "close enough" sister, so I get to be Auntie Lindsay.  I've found that the definition of family isn't strictly biological.

    Kiyomi and Alex brought her here to have her blessed.  Because even though they don't have any relatives in San Antonio, they have lots of family here.

    Yes, Kiyomi did make Elise's blessing dress.  Yes, she is ridiculously talented.

    Elise and I have the same middle name.  How cool is that?

    Most of my friends have kids, and there's always something neat about seeing them as moms.  

    There is something about motherhood that brings out the best in them.

    It's exquisite.

    Welcome, Elise.

    Thanks to Kiyomi for providing the beautiful model, and thanks to Jenny for lending me her backdrops!

    I am way, way behind on posting photos, but I'm going to work hard to get caught up.  Stay tuned!

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Why I Won't Buy Jay an iPhone

    Here, in order, are the various ways that Jay's previous cell phones have met an untimely end:
    1. Jay rolling down a hill (it was a singles' ward activity--need I say more?) + generously proportioned girl rolling over him = broken phone
    2. Dropped phone from a second floor balcony
    3. Wrecked bike + phone in pocket = broken phone (and roadrash)
    4. Ran phone through the washing machine
    5. Diving for a frisbee + phone in pocket = phone snapped in half
    6. Stolen
    Number six happened today.  Along with the phone, the thief took Jay's wallet and my GPS.  Besides feeling incredibly violated (they went on a shopping spree at HEB with our credit card!  This creep-o, thanks to Jay's driver's license and my GPS, knows where we live!), I'm also feeling incredibly grateful:
    1. Jay's car wasn't damaged or broken or stolen (he accidentally left it unlocked)
    2. Jay's social security card wasn't in his wallet
    3. None of our checkbooks were in the car
    4. Though purchases were made on the credit cards, they were minimal (around $500).  While I know (and am thankful) we wouldn't be liable for those purchases, I'm glad our banks aren't losing a lot of money because of us
    5. Jay had the smarts to cancel the cards immediately--within an hour of everything being stolen
    6. There was no cash in our car or in Jay's wallet
    I miss my GPS already, and it will be a pain to replace Jay's card "collection" (library card, driver's license, costco card, etc.), but it could have been a lot worse.  

    On a more light-hearted note, here is a poem Jay wrote a couple years ago as a tribute to his former phones.

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Three Reasons to Love March 14

    It's this guy's birthday:

    It's Pi Day! (Even though I haven't made a pi pie yet...  maybe later this week)

    It's my half-birthday--I'm on the downhill slope now...

    Happy March 14th!