Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I got to meet Elise last weekend. 

She is small and soft and perfect.

Elise is my "close enough" niece.  

Her mom is my "close enough" sister, so I get to be Auntie Lindsay.  I've found that the definition of family isn't strictly biological.

Kiyomi and Alex brought her here to have her blessed.  Because even though they don't have any relatives in San Antonio, they have lots of family here.

Yes, Kiyomi did make Elise's blessing dress.  Yes, she is ridiculously talented.

Elise and I have the same middle name.  How cool is that?

Most of my friends have kids, and there's always something neat about seeing them as moms.  

There is something about motherhood that brings out the best in them.

It's exquisite.

Welcome, Elise.

Thanks to Kiyomi for providing the beautiful model, and thanks to Jenny for lending me her backdrops!

I am way, way behind on posting photos, but I'm going to work hard to get caught up.  Stay tuned!


  1. She is just a doll! I love that head of dark hair :) I cannot wait until you and I can be moms together. Can you believe it? From a glass of water with a bug in it (sorry!) one spring day to THIS? Friendship is incredible :)

  2. You're amazing! Thank you for the photos (and the mildly exaggerated compliments :)
    You take amazing pictures! I'm so glad we were able to put Elise in front of your lens :)

  3. Beautiful photographs (and lovely subject). When are you moving back to Utah? I think our soon to be born baby boy could use a "close enough" aunt, but you're a bit far at the moment :).

  4. Those are awesome pics! You need to give me some lessons :). We need to talk camera stuff.