Friday, April 15, 2011

15 on the 15th

  1. I just realized today is April 15th.  Tax day.  
  2. I'm sure I'll eventually feel a thrill of dread when I look at the calendar and see that the middle of April is fast approaching, but it hasn't happened yet.
  3. This is probably because 
    1. Jay does our taxes
    2. He gets them done early
    3. We get a hefty check back from those cheerful folks at the IRS.
  4. Growing up, beginning-mid April was always a stressful time for my parents.  Every April 15th, I swear my mom tried to get to the post office as close to midnight as possible.  
  5. I secretly think she just liked the party.
  6. At least, hanging out at the post office at midnight with a bunch of other people always sounded like a party to me.  I'm not sure if it's actually a party at all because I've never been (see #3).  I'd like to go someday, though.  I like parties.
  7. I feel like I haven't posted many updates lately.  The biggest is that Jay is graduating next month--holy moly, where does the time go?  It's crazy, but good.  Crazy good.
  8. The second biggest piece of news is that Jay was accepted into the residency program at his school.  He'll work/train there for an additional year (getting paid this time) and learn new skills like placing dental implants and managing more complex cases.  
  9. This means we are staying in San Antonio for at least another year, which is awesome.  We have great friends here, we love our ward, I have a fantastic job, and we don't have to scramble to find a place to move and a job for Jay.  It's been super low-stress.
  10. And when I say it's awesome, I mean it!  Well, I 90% mean it.  Ten percent of me would have liked change! adventure! excitement!  ...but that's just my inner crazy coming out.  Because when it comes right down to it, I'm not a fan of change.  In fact, change gives me indigestion and a serious case of the crankies.
  11. On that note, you should probably avoid me at all costs this time next year.  I don't deal well with uncertainties or making big decisions.  I will be a mess.  You have been warned.
  12. I am torn between loving spring and dreading summer.  The weather has been lovely, but in another couple weeks it will be ridiculous.  Texas summers are just ridiculous.  That's the only way I can say it without using the word "hell."
  13. I recently got a raise at work, which is pretty awesome.  Actually, super awesome.  Though I still can't shake the feeling I'm being overpaid.  I wonder if I'll ever get used to having a "real" job.
  14. The other day at work, one of my nursing home clients studied my face intently and said, "You have the most beautiful forehead."  I thanked her, trying to keep a straight face, and she replied, "It's probably because you have such a nicely shaped head."  
  15. Which leads me to wonder, dear friends, why none of you have ever commented on my stunning forehead or head shape before.  Never suppress a generous thought.


  1. I love your forehead, and your hindhead, and your sidehead, so take that old lady.

  2. Hooray for staying another year!! Let's play soon!

  3. So glad you're staying! Love the post! You are so creative and funny. =)

  4. You make me laugh so hard!

    You may want to stay clear of me because I too have indigestion and a serious case of the crankies!

  5. I hate moving too, so I'm glad you get to stay another year. YAY! And congrats on the raise. I never got used to having a real job either. So I gave it up. :)

  6. First of all, have fun with your tax refund. This year for the first time we owed several thousand in taxes. Mucho Lameo.
    Also, I have to say that it is risky to compliment someone on the shape of their head, lest the compliment inflate said head and ruin the lovely shape. I was just watching out for your profile the whole time. Because that's what good former roomies do.

  7. You are a cute girl all the way around...not just your forehead. And you are WAY ahead of the game on the curly hair took me 35 years to admit that it WAS curly and few more years to make peace with it. Ok, actually I am STILL working on that at 41...but it'll come.

  8. hehehe! I have always thought you're incredibly well proportioned (which is a nerdy way to say that you are incredibly beautiful :) And hilarious!