Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There are some days I tend to think will never come, and Sunday was one of those.  But even though it felt it took like forever (and at the same time, no time at all), come it did.  And without further ado, may I introduce...

Dr. Jay, DDS!

Getting hooded by his (short) faculty.  Can you tell he's squatting?

Getting his empty diploma cannister.

Dr. Jay with his proud parents and little brothers.

Jay with my parents.  Can you tell he's squatting?  (Are you sensing this may be a theme in Jay's life?) 

We were blessed to have both sets of parents come celebrate with us.  We had a fun-filled weekend and ate way too much amazing food (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  We were sad to see them go.

I am so proud of Jay.  He has worked so hard and has gone through a lot to get to this point.  He will be a fantastic dentist.

I'm married to a dentist.  How weird is that?

Congratulations, Jay--you are awesome.