Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Other News...

Jay turned the big 3-0 last week.  True story.  He's now officially in his fourth decade, and I'm officially going to avoid birthdays from now on.  I've decided I wouldn't mind just staying in my late twenties forever. 

Jay's actual birthday was the week before graduation, but we waited and celebrated with our parents.  My dad made Jay a wonderful strawberry pie, and since we only had one 24-pack of candles, I put in one for each decade.  

We went on a hike with our families in beautiful, rugged Friedrich Park.  Texas parks are mostly wild and wooded; there is no abundance of manicured lawns or playing fields like there is in Utah.  I love the parks here, though; I love the trails and the wildlife.  They help me to not miss mountains as much.

The hike was fun, but the morning was so muggy that you could have cut the air with a knife and served it up with some biscuits.  We've had a very dry spring here, and it tried to storm that weekend, but the most moisture the clouds managed to produce was a suffocating blanket of humidity.

I grew up in St. George, UT, which is a pretty hot place, but as the locals will tell you, it's a "dry heat."  That didn't mean much to me growing up--I figured hot was hot--but my first Texas summer quickly changed my mind.  Every time I ventured outside I felt like I was drowning, suffocated by the thick, heavy air.  I've grown more accustomed to it these past three summers, but I still forget every winter just how icky and sticky summer can be.  

Taking a breather: my parents, Jay's parents

In other news, it was our third anniversary on Tuesday.  It's strange; even though I've only been married for 11% of my life, it feels like much longer.  I can't imagine my life without Jay. He brings out the best in me, and I love him for it.  


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Jay!

    I have no idea what you are talking about, I always assumed you were forever 21 since that's how old you were when we met :) Is it okay if I stay 17 then?

    I sure love and miss you!

  2. Holy Smokes! You are so beautiful! You're smile lights up the picture!