Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven on 11/11/11

1.  If I were a creative person--the type who enjoys hosting events, coming up with fun themes, and whipping up a bunch of festive paper fans and cutesy cake pops--I would totally have thrown an 11/11/11 party today.  As it stands, I am lucky to have a centerpiece on my table (decorative gourds), and the thought of hosting a "real" party with an actual evite gives me palpitations.

2.  Jay and I have been cleaning and organizing recently.  To increase storage space, we bought some bed raisers at BB&B (from the clearance table!), and now our bed is about 10 inches higher.  I've slept in taller beds (I swear my college beds were up to my chin), but with my awkward new inability to lift my legs higher than a few inches, vaulting into bed is no longer an option.  I find myself doing a clumsy face plant followed by an effortful roll to get all my appendages on the bed.  I jokingly told Jay that he needs to buy a stool for his short wife.  That was last week.  I'm pretty sure that in another week or so, it won't be a joke anymore.

3.  I have a bad cold.  Normally when I get sick, I tend to load up on any and all drugs that could possibly help me feel better.  It's been a lesson in patience for me as I've put my fetus first and had to deal with feeling icky and only ingesting the occasional Ricola lozenge.  

4.  I think it's been a lesson in patience for Jay, as well: he has to deal with me asking him, "Am I allowed to take psuedoephedrine?  No?!  Okay, how about..." at least ten times a day.  

5.  In the first couple years after moving to Texas, I got sick a lot.  I caught every bug going around, and I usually got five times sicker than the person I'd caught it from.   Thankfully, my immune system appears to have bulked up a bit in the past couple years, and this is the first time I've been sick since my six week bout of bronchitis over a year ago.  

6.  Every time I go to the doctor, she tells me how much more weight I've put on.  This last time she told me and then said "Wow."  I think that doctors should not be allowed to say "wow" or "oops"--shouldn't they cover that in medical school?  And it's not like my food intake has increased that drastically, but can I help it if all this baby wants to eat is Panera bagels and chocolate chip cookie dough?  

7.  The other day, in an uncharacteristic burst of creative energy, I made a snowman out of a couple of socks.  Afterward, I set it on my bookshelf, looked at it with furrowed brow, and thought, "What was I thinking?  Why did I just make that?"

8.  I decided that being pregnant is great.  Sure, there are things about it that stink (you can't take psuedoephedrine!  Back pain!  Outie belly button!), and sure, I've had it easier than most, but right now I am loving it.  

9.  When you are pregnant, you don't have to make excuses for yourself--other people do it for you.  No joke--slip up on anything and people say, "that's okay--you're pregnant."  It's fantastic.  I don't even worry about the Panera employees getting to know my odd order by heart (asiago cheese bagel, not sliced, not toasted, no cream cheese.  To go.) because people think "cravings" are endearing.    
    10.  The weather here has been fantastic lately--mostly in the 70's during the day.  I still have to turn on the AC in my car, but at home we turn it off and keep the windows open.  These next few months, the hellish nightmare of summer will fade into a distant memory and I will think to myself, "Texas isn't so bad!"

    11. For the past few years, I've thought it would be pretty dang cool to have a kid on 11/11/11.  Since that is not going to happen, I will settle for publishing this post at 11:11.  And then I will feel embarrassed for the rest of the day about what a numbers geek I am...

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