Sunday, December 18, 2011


Someone at church came up to me today after I'd sung in a musical number and said, "I wish I had your voice."  I had to laugh a little bit because my talent is modest and if wishes are free, why not wish for something spectacular?  (Julie Andrews, I wish I had your voice, circa 1964!)

But then I started thinking about how I take a lot for granted.  How there are people who can't carry a tune or sing the tenor line when it strikes their fancy or play a fun intermediate piano piece with their intermediate piano skills or even experience the simple joy of spotting typos (a recent favorite was "[my son was] memorized by the show.  Defiantly his first [ballet] experience." --My mirth was not malicious, I swear, but this totally put a smile on my face).  

Something I cannot do that others take for granted is to move in a graceful or pleasant manner.  I'm not talking all-out ballet here--even a simple sway, shoulder wiggle, or head bob to the beat completely eludes me.  A couple days ago, I was doing dishes and rocking out to some Christmas music.  I saw Jay out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see him watching me, a huge grin on his face.  

"I like watching you move," he said.  

"Creepy," I said.  

Seriously, in GRE terms, Lindsay is to dancing as tone deaf is to singing (Lindsay : dancing :: tone deaf : singing).   That doesn't stop me from prancing around the living room every once in a while, though.  

I also can't visualize things, design, manipulate shapes in my head, drive without getting lost, maintain things (a clean room, my toenails, etc.), or organize (in a concrete or abstract sense) to save my life.  

It's easy to compare ourselves to others' areas of relative strength (why do we do that?), and it's hard to remember or even recognize the things we do effortlessly that may prove difficult for other people.  I found myself grateful today for the diversity of gifts we all have and the way they can synergistically work together for the edification of all.


  1. Lindsay you make me laugh :)

    I love your voice. I wish I had kept up with choir etc... Maybe I'll join my church choir, it's pretty small.

    I hope someone tapes your Christmas concert so we can watch it together when I visit in JANUARY!!!!

    I'm gonna eat all your cookie dough ;p then we will organize all your closets :)

  2. I've been thinking about this lately, too. I can't dance or doing anything visually in my head, either, but my sister can do both really well. I get a bit jealous. :P