Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Kate

Kathryn Fae
Born February 24, 2012 at 11:05 PM
7 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long

We are home and doing well.  Kate likes to party at night, which is a habit we're hoping to break her of.  She has the brightest eyes I've ever seen.  We love her.

Welcome, Kate.

Friday, February 24, 2012


My dear February child,

I am so excited to meet you.

your mom

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pregnancy in Numbers

  • 8 months since I found out I was pregnant
  • 3 days until my due date
  • 1 times I've thrown up since being pregnant
  • 2  times I got up last night to go to the bathroom
  • 6  times last night I almost got up to go to the bathroom
  • 0  pairs of maternity pants that still fit me
  • 28 week when I first started feeling contractions
  • 19 week I first felt baby flutter inside me
  • 1.8 miles Jay made me walk last night to try to get labor started
  • 2-3 minutes apart my contractions are most mornings
  • 1 centimeters I've dilated
  • 5 days I'm willing to go past my due date
  • 44 times I've decided this baby isn't in a hurry--I swear she's hanging wallpaper in there
  • 22 week I first saw my stomach move from baby's sharp little jabs
  • 3 number of baby showers I've had
  • 1000 times I've been grateful in the past few months for wonderful friends
  • 19 pieces of unsolicited advice I receive daily (usually with gratitude)
  • 3 times in the past week moms of my patients have told me in the waiting room (loudly) that having sex will make labor start
  • 5 number of sizes my feet and ankles have swollen at any given moment
  • 88 pieces of maternity clothing that were either lent or given to me by generous friends and family
  • 8 minimum number of things I will do to avoid bending over
  • 42 pounds I've gained so far
  • 2 pounds I estimate I'll lose giving birth
  • 3 minutes it takes me to roll over or get out of bed
  • 9 minimum number of grunts I make to roll over or get out of bed
  • 12 week I started showing if I wasn't wearing scrubs
  • 16 week I started showing no matter what I wore
  • 6 number of pounds the baby supposedly weighed 4 weeks ago
  • 0 number of stomach stretch marks I've earned (though there's still time...)
  • 2 contractions I've had since starting this list

Thursday, February 9, 2012

And I Quote...

{Photo by Katie}

It is amazing the things that people will say to a pregnant woman.  Seriously.  I thought I had no "filter" due to pregnancy, but turns out it affects everyone else around me just as much (if not more). 

Here is a very small sampling:
  • "How many are you carrying in there?"  One.  "...Really?"
  • "Wow--you get bigger every day!  No, seriously, every day I can tell a difference!"
  • "Are you sure you're not having twins?"  Pretty sure.
  • "My [sister/cousin/friend] is due [two days/two months] before you, and you can't even tell she's pregnant.  You are SO much bigger than she is!" (How does one respond to that?)
  • "Can you even get any bigger before you just explode?"
  • "How much weight have you put on so far?" Forty pounds.  "Well, I only put on 20 lbs and lost it all 3 weeks later."
  • "I know you said you're not having twins, but I don't believe it.  There have got to be at least two in there--you're huge!"
  • "When are you due again?" End of February.  "...are you sure it's not sooner?  You are definitely coming early."
  • My own mother sheepishly admitted the other day that she only gained 5 lbs when she was expecting me and that she left the hospital 15 lbs lighter than her pre-pregnancy weight.  Not cool, Mom--just lie next time!
  • (Tangent alert) I don't like it when people ask about my birthing choices and then say, "Well, I considered going 'natural,' but I'm a wuss so I decided on an epidural."  Getting an epidural does not mean you're a wuss!  There's nothing wrong with wanting medication, and there's nothing magical or inherently "better" about an unmedicated birth--it's a completely personal decision based on what you feel is right for you, and there are pros and cons to each.  I have several friends who have opted for unmedicated births, and I've fully supported them.  I believe they fully support me for wanting an epidural.  I don't think any woman should feel ashamed of their birth decisions.
  • And I never want to hear the words "huge" or "waddle" ever again--they're not flattering in any context.

But there are some nice things, too:
  • "You look great pregnant--when I was pregnant I looked like a monster."
  • I have heard horror stories about pregnant women being molested by complete strangers; maybe it's just the aura I give off, but generally the only people who rub my tummy are people I already know.  It's still a bit weird, but in a mostly nice way.
  • "When you turn around, I can't even tell you're pregnant!  You are all belly." (which is an outright lie--just ask my love handles--but it's nice all the same)
  • Women, especially mothers, are so excited for me and free with advice.  I constantly feel like I'm being enthusiastically welcomed into some exclusive club.
  • "You don't have pregnancy nose!  And you still have ankles!" 
  • This old man I've never met came up to me at church and said, "So are you ten months or eleven months along?"  And then he chortled like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and gave me an awkward hug.
  • "Are you sure you're having a girl?" Pretty sure.  "Because they say that boys give their mother beauty and girls take it away, but you look radiant."
Feel free to share your own pregnancy misadventures...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's not me; it's you. ...Or is it?

{photo by Katie}

Jay has been such a wuss lately: all he ever does is complain about being cold.  I think he does it just to make me feel crazy--after all, this is the guy who refuses to buy any outerwear heavier than a sweatshirt, even when faced with truly frigid temperatures.  

At night, he'll pile the blankets on top of himself.  I've been sleeping with just a sheet because I wake up sweating every night and end up kicking it off anyway.  Jay won't even sleep with his arm around me anymore because his arm gets "too cold" with only a sheet covering it.  

Thank heaven we have a ceiling fan.  Jay used to feel the same way, but now I think he hates it.  Sometimes he sleeps with his head under the covers to try and escape it.  

The apartment was a little chilly this morning when I first got out of bed, but after a warm shower, it felt great again.  I glanced at our thermostat as I walked past it and was rather surprised to see that it was 60 degrees inside with a cool breeze coming from the open window, plus the aforementioned ceiling fan.  Maybe that's not cold anywhere else, but it is in San Antonio.

My hair was still wet, my skin felt cold and clammy when I touched it, and I wasn't wearing many clothes, but I wasn't cold at all.  In fact, the temperature felt great.

It was then that I started feeling sorry for Jay.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Katie Conquers Texas, Part II

On Monday, Katie and I drove up to Austin to meet up with her friend and do a little sight-seeing.  I really like Austin's flavor: it's a unique mix of crazy organic hippies and eclectic culture, almost like a Texan Portland.  

We walked up and down South Congress street and did a little shopping.  Katie was fascinated by the "Silver Bullet" trailers.  I told her I lived in one with my sister and three cousins for a few months (which is another story for another day), and she seemed to think that was pretty cool.  I promise, though, it's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.  

We met up with Katie's friend Jennifer and her beautiful daughter.  Jennifer is a news anchor in Austin--how cool is that?  She is a very talented lady, and her daughter is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

See what I mean?

After lunch at a crazy Austin place, we all headed back to South Congress and checked out some of the fun and quirky shops.  We browsed through St. Vincent de Paul where Katie taught me a little about how to recognize quality vintage and antique furniture pieces (reason #37 this girl needs to live close to me), and we stopped by Uncommon Objects (see top picture).  

Jennifer showed us a sweet candy shop, and I would have bought a piece or two except that I'm fully aware of my lack of self-control and know that it wouldn't have been a small bag  or "a piece or two"--it would have been at least one of everything yummy I could get my hands on (even the memory of the homemade chocolate truffles and bins of sour gummy candy is making me salivate).

So I settled for taking a few pictures, instead.  I've found my camera can be a great asset when I'm trying to distract myself.

To conclude our jaunt in Austin, we stopped by Amy's Ice Cream and indulged ourselves.  Turns out even a fancy camera can't keep me distracted for long...