Thursday, February 2, 2012

Katie Conquers Texas, Part II

On Monday, Katie and I drove up to Austin to meet up with her friend and do a little sight-seeing.  I really like Austin's flavor: it's a unique mix of crazy organic hippies and eclectic culture, almost like a Texan Portland.  

We walked up and down South Congress street and did a little shopping.  Katie was fascinated by the "Silver Bullet" trailers.  I told her I lived in one with my sister and three cousins for a few months (which is another story for another day), and she seemed to think that was pretty cool.  I promise, though, it's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.  

We met up with Katie's friend Jennifer and her beautiful daughter.  Jennifer is a news anchor in Austin--how cool is that?  She is a very talented lady, and her daughter is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

See what I mean?

After lunch at a crazy Austin place, we all headed back to South Congress and checked out some of the fun and quirky shops.  We browsed through St. Vincent de Paul where Katie taught me a little about how to recognize quality vintage and antique furniture pieces (reason #37 this girl needs to live close to me), and we stopped by Uncommon Objects (see top picture).  

Jennifer showed us a sweet candy shop, and I would have bought a piece or two except that I'm fully aware of my lack of self-control and know that it wouldn't have been a small bag  or "a piece or two"--it would have been at least one of everything yummy I could get my hands on (even the memory of the homemade chocolate truffles and bins of sour gummy candy is making me salivate).

So I settled for taking a few pictures, instead.  I've found my camera can be a great asset when I'm trying to distract myself.

To conclude our jaunt in Austin, we stopped by Amy's Ice Cream and indulged ourselves.  Turns out even a fancy camera can't keep me distracted for long...


  1. Yayyyyyy!!!!! I love it all. Silver bullets are just so cool to me. I really do wish I could live in one for a few days.

  2. ALSO! Love that you have categorized this post under "I mess with Texas." DYING!!!!