Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We don't often sleep with Kate, but if she really doesn't want to take a nap and one of us really does, this is one good way to make it happen.  She seems to like napping on her mom or dad--she sleeps a bit longer and more soundly.  For her part, Kate is a warm, perfect little snuggle buddy.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Month


It is a Texas tradition to take family pictures in a field of bluebonnets.  Despite living here for four years, this was a first for us.  We're hoping to go out again in the next couple days as we took these in harsh afternoon sun and didn't get a picture of all three of us together since we forgot our tripod adapter.  Luckily, Kate manages to be cute regardless of lighting (regardless of anything, really).  

At one month, Kate thinks she's pretty big.  Her latest trick is holding her head up by herself: today I laid her down on a lounger pillow for a nap, and when I went in to check on her a few minutes later, she was half sitting up, still swaddled tight, holding her head up off the pillow and looking around just as cool as you please.   She's alert for longer periods of time now--before it seemed like she was only awake to eat or to cry, and now she spends a couple hours a day taking everything in with wide eyes.  

Jay and I joke that Kate is showing her first signs of intelligence: she's able to anticipate routine things (i.e. she stops crying when she knows she's about to be fed.  Unless I take too long--then she'll let out a squawk to remind me who's boss).  She has recently started anticipating bath time: as soon as I lay her on the counter, she starts with the angry yells.  I have to remind her that she really likes having her hair washed and really likes taking baths; she just hates being cold.  About a minute after she remembers she does like baths and calms down, it's time to take her out, and she's cold and super mad again.  It's a rough life.

I am finally starting to feel like life is normalizing somewhat--having a baby shook things up more than I ever could have anticipated.  We're getting into a semblance of a routine now, and, while I still don't get much done in a day, my workload is gradually increasing.  Kate sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night, so I usually only have to get up with her once during the wee hours of morning.  She is a savorer, not a gulper, so, though she's speeding up a bit, she still takes 45-75 minutes each time she eats (we spend a lot of time each day in the rocking chair).  

Kate is generally pretty good-natured: she has fussy times, but she's usually very pleasant.  I feel like she's becoming my little buddy--the other day she napped for three hours and I really found myself missing her.  Jay and I often just sit and stare at her; she is fascinating.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Family Photos

On my mom's last afternoon with us, we took a few family pictures.  Kate was sleepy and squirmy and nine days old.

Kate with Mom and Dad.  It's still weird to wear those titles.  We look like a couple of kids.

Three generations of Kathryns: Grandma Kathryn, Lindsay Kathryn, and baby Kathryn.

Letting Grandma leave was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  Kate was pretty sad about it, too.  I still don't think it's a good idea to let Kate and I fly solo, but we're hanging in there. 

Jay and I love our sweet baby girl.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Postpartum Lindsay...

{Pictures of Kate at five days old)
  • Is crazy emotional.  Emphasis on both "crazy" and "emotional."
  • No longer craves cereal.  In fact, I'm really not a fan anymore.  This is a huge shift as I was eating at least three bowls a day up until I gave birth.
  • Craves "real" food: fruits, veggies, and balanced meals.  Oh, and graham crackers.  I can't get enough of them.
  • Is sleep deprived.  My baby definitely sleeps better than some (the other night she slept for 7 hours straight and I woke up feeling like a horrible mother--there is no escaping the maternal guilt), but I'm still exhausted all the time.
  • Smells.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.
  • Feels strongly about the importance of nursing, much more so than I did before.  Not the importance of breastmilk and its superiority to formula or the importance of every baby being breastfed, but the importance of me nursing my baby at this time.  It's time I wouldn't trade, even if it means I'm the only one who gets up most nights.
  • Is completely dumbstruck at how much more laundry needs to be done--it's increased exponentially.  
  • Has lost half the baby weight (the water half. The other half looks like it's going to linger).  Hopefully those healthy food cravings stick around for awhile.
  • Is still wearing maternity clothes and probably will be for months.  And that's okay.
  • No longer has swollen, achy feet--a trial that lasted far longer after giving birth than I ever imagined it could.
  • Can't imagine ever having more than one child--how could I handle three when I can't handle one?
  • Is in awe of women who manage to keep their homes relatively clean, cook relatively nutritious dinners, care for one or more children, and actually leave their houses and have time for hobbies.  Seriously, Jay came home from work last week and asked me what I'd done that day, and I had taken a nap, bathed myself and the baby, fed the baby, checked the mail, and cleared off the table.  And in the nine hours he'd been gone, that was it.  
  • Thinks Kate is the most beautiful baby in the world.  I'm not one of those people who thinks all babies are cute--some just aren't.  Though I know, logically, there are prettier babies than mine, when Kate looks at me with her deep, alert eyes, I am completely transfixed.  I have never seen a more fascinating creature.
  • Is, both in turns and all at once, completely overwhelmed by anxiety, awe, inadequacy, love, worry, exhaustion, and wonder.
  • Is beginning to become reconciled to the fact that life will never, ever be the same.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Weeks

I can't believe I've been a mom for two whole weeks, yet Kate's birth feels like such a long time ago.  I guess lack of sleep will do that to a person. 

 At two weeks, Kate is beautiful.  She smiles in her sleep and is alert when awake.  She has bright eyes that are still a dark newborn blue-grey.  She pants like a little puppy before she starts crying or when she is particularly excited about something (food); I can tell by her frequent hyperventilating that she may have a flair for the dramatic.  Her gross motor movements are hilariously uncoordinated.  Jay calls her "little woodpecker" because when he holds her, she's constantly bopping her head against his shoulder in search of food. 

Kate's features are a conglomeration of mine and Jay's; we think she has Jay's nose, my eyes, Jay's toes [disappointed sigh], and my ears.  Her hair is almost exactly the color of Jay's, but I swear it looks red in the light (this could just be me holding out hope for a ginger-haired child, though others have also commented on its titian hue). 

One thing she definitely gets from her mom, though, is her just-woke-up look: I had snapped about 20 pictures when she forced her eyes open to see what all the noise was about.  

I miss my tiny baby--I can see how much bigger she is already, and it makes me sad.  Her head, especially, looks huge to me now.  

Here are Kate's stats from her two week doctor visit:

  • Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz, 25th percentile (last week she weighed 7 lbs 3 oz, so she's just one ounce away from regaining her birth weight)
  • Length: 20.25 inches, 50th percentile (she's grown 1.25 inches in two weeks!)
  • Head: 35.7 cm, 50th percentile (I think it was 33 cm at birth.  Thank you, Kate, for not taking after my side of the family and having a head that's off the charts--hooray for average!)

Monday, March 5, 2012


Grandma gave Kate her first sponge bath at home.  Kate was very patient while her hair was washed.

Not so much during the sponge bath part...

Warm and dry--she's a content baby again.

Kate loves her grandma.