Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Month


It is a Texas tradition to take family pictures in a field of bluebonnets.  Despite living here for four years, this was a first for us.  We're hoping to go out again in the next couple days as we took these in harsh afternoon sun and didn't get a picture of all three of us together since we forgot our tripod adapter.  Luckily, Kate manages to be cute regardless of lighting (regardless of anything, really).  

At one month, Kate thinks she's pretty big.  Her latest trick is holding her head up by herself: today I laid her down on a lounger pillow for a nap, and when I went in to check on her a few minutes later, she was half sitting up, still swaddled tight, holding her head up off the pillow and looking around just as cool as you please.   She's alert for longer periods of time now--before it seemed like she was only awake to eat or to cry, and now she spends a couple hours a day taking everything in with wide eyes.  

Jay and I joke that Kate is showing her first signs of intelligence: she's able to anticipate routine things (i.e. she stops crying when she knows she's about to be fed.  Unless I take too long--then she'll let out a squawk to remind me who's boss).  She has recently started anticipating bath time: as soon as I lay her on the counter, she starts with the angry yells.  I have to remind her that she really likes having her hair washed and really likes taking baths; she just hates being cold.  About a minute after she remembers she does like baths and calms down, it's time to take her out, and she's cold and super mad again.  It's a rough life.

I am finally starting to feel like life is normalizing somewhat--having a baby shook things up more than I ever could have anticipated.  We're getting into a semblance of a routine now, and, while I still don't get much done in a day, my workload is gradually increasing.  Kate sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night, so I usually only have to get up with her once during the wee hours of morning.  She is a savorer, not a gulper, so, though she's speeding up a bit, she still takes 45-75 minutes each time she eats (we spend a lot of time each day in the rocking chair).  

Kate is generally pretty good-natured: she has fussy times, but she's usually very pleasant.  I feel like she's becoming my little buddy--the other day she napped for three hours and I really found myself missing her.  Jay and I often just sit and stare at her; she is fascinating.  


  1. aw super cute! Thanks for the update and sharing some pictures :)

  2. These pictures are beautiful regardless of the bright sun! Kate is beautiful and so are you!

  3. She is adorable! I think the pictures turned out great! I'm glad that you are starting to feel "normal" again. Love you!

  4. Beautiful pictures you guys!! I especially love the first one of her in the bluebonnets! She is adorable :)

  5. Isn't it crazy how much your life changes when you have a baby? I still consider it a great achievement if I 1) shower for the day, and 2) actually do my hair.
    I love her little chicken legs! She's adorable.

  6. She is truly a beautiful baby. I even would dare say one of the prettiest girls I've seen at the newborn stage. She's even sweeter in person! It was so great to see you today and let her meet Emma ;). I am excited you will be out this way soon. I will try to stay in touch better. With each additional child I feel like I am less social the first sixmonths but it's getting better faster this time around. I will try to update my blog more often as well. I changed the address not too long ago to blakeally.blogspot dot com. Take care!