Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Weeks

I can't believe I've been a mom for two whole weeks, yet Kate's birth feels like such a long time ago.  I guess lack of sleep will do that to a person. 

 At two weeks, Kate is beautiful.  She smiles in her sleep and is alert when awake.  She has bright eyes that are still a dark newborn blue-grey.  She pants like a little puppy before she starts crying or when she is particularly excited about something (food); I can tell by her frequent hyperventilating that she may have a flair for the dramatic.  Her gross motor movements are hilariously uncoordinated.  Jay calls her "little woodpecker" because when he holds her, she's constantly bopping her head against his shoulder in search of food. 

Kate's features are a conglomeration of mine and Jay's; we think she has Jay's nose, my eyes, Jay's toes [disappointed sigh], and my ears.  Her hair is almost exactly the color of Jay's, but I swear it looks red in the light (this could just be me holding out hope for a ginger-haired child, though others have also commented on its titian hue). 

One thing she definitely gets from her mom, though, is her just-woke-up look: I had snapped about 20 pictures when she forced her eyes open to see what all the noise was about.  

I miss my tiny baby--I can see how much bigger she is already, and it makes me sad.  Her head, especially, looks huge to me now.  

Here are Kate's stats from her two week doctor visit:

  • Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz, 25th percentile (last week she weighed 7 lbs 3 oz, so she's just one ounce away from regaining her birth weight)
  • Length: 20.25 inches, 50th percentile (she's grown 1.25 inches in two weeks!)
  • Head: 35.7 cm, 50th percentile (I think it was 33 cm at birth.  Thank you, Kate, for not taking after my side of the family and having a head that's off the charts--hooray for average!)


  1. It blows me away how quickly babies grow. Can you imagine if an adult grew 1.25 inches in two weeks? And then consider the fact that 1.25 inches represents a huge percentage of a baby's overall height. No wonder babies get fussy sometimes!

    Kate is such a beautiful baby. Congrats, again.

    And I applaud your use of the word "titian." :)

  2. She's beautiful Linds, congratulations!

  3. What a beauty she is! You guys did a great job!

  4. Hilary, I calculated it: her height increased by 6.6% in two weeks. That's the equivalent of me growing four inches in the same amount of time. Pretty amazing. Would you still be impressed if I told you I learned "titian" from reading stacks of Nancy Drew novels when I was young?

    Thanks, guys!

  5. Congratulations, Lindsay! (And Jay:) She is beautiful and I can see that intelligent gleam in her eye already - the smile in her sleep, just so you know, is when she is plotting mischief and mayhem as soon as she can walk...:)

  6. I love that she may be dramatic! What a rich, passion filled life she will lead then :) After all, I speak from experience. Her looks are just hilarious, I love the waking up one. Jay is already a pro and so are you. I love all three of you.