Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seven Weeks

We took our tripod to the bluebonnet field when the light was good to get a few shots of all of us.  Look at us, a true Texan family.

Kate is seven weeks old.  It amazes me how much she changes from week to week.  She continues to be more alert for longer periods of the day.  Much to our delight, she started smiling around five weeks, and she smiles more and more every day.  This morning she woke up and wanted to eat; I wasn't ready to get up yet, so I lay down with her and fumbled around to get ready to nurse.  I forced my eyes open and happened to glance down at Kate.  She was looking up at me with the biggest, sweetest open-mouth smile on her little face.  I melted and snuggled her close to me and was no longer sad she'd woken me before I was done sleeping.  

At exactly six weeks, Kate started sleeping longer during the night.  She's always slept for 4-5 hours at a time, but on her six week birthday, she slept from ten until seven.  I woke up at three and at five, and both times I freaked out and prodded at her tiny body until she squirmed and I could be sure she was still breathing.  She hasn't slept that long since, but she's been sleeping for 6-7 hour stretches now.  I have really been enjoying it and feel very blessed.

Kate gets cuter by the day.  She is my little buddy.  I am happy to see, as both a mother and as a speech pathologist, Kate is very much in the "coo and goo" stage--she frequently makes sweet noises when she is calm and happy.  

Kate and her daddy have a special relationship.  He can calm her down and put her to sleep much faster than I can.  He loves playing with her, and one of these days, she's going to love it, too.  


  1. I love these Blue Bonnet pictures! What a cute family.

  2. These are adorable pictures! Your little family really is so cute!

  3. These photos brought a tear to my eye! Lovely flowers and an even more beautiful family. You guys did good.

  4. Such a cute little family... she is adorable! and the bluebonnets are gorgeous!!

  5. I can't believe how big Kate is already!!! I am sure she has outgrown my baby gift that I never got to you ;) I will need to go shopping again!!! I love the pictures, you all look great! I hope we can see you soon!