Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kate and Jay

{Pictures from the week of May 13th}

Kate loves her daddy.

They have fun times together.  

Jay was excited to give Kate her first shoulder ride.  Kate wasn't sure what to think.

Today Kate is four months old.  The time is going so fast.  Four months doesn't sound like much, but it feels like we've had this little lady in our lives forever.  We still sit and just stare at her sometimes.  She is such a good, happy baby.

We love you, Kate.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jay's Birthday

Jay's birthday was last month, but I didn't finish this post in time--welcome to my life lately. 

We celebrated by having a barbecue with some friends.  We initially planned for it to be at our complex's pool, but a big graduation party was monopolizing the area, so we went to the park.  We had our friends over for the promised swim a couple days later.  
Here are some fun facts about Jay:
  • He has an internal alarm clock.  He can wake up at whatever time he wants to.  I think I've maybe seen him set an alarm ten times since we've been married, and he always wakes up about two minutes before it goes off.  It's uncanny.
  • He loves fruit more than just about anything.  Most of our grocery budget goes toward mass amounts of fresh fruits.
{Jonathan, Jay, Christian, Mike, Jeff}
  • Jay makes up his own songs all the time.  Usually he'll take whatever song is going through his head and make up new words to it.  Frequent subjects include Kate, Lucy, or something goofy.
  • Goofy ad libbed lyrics notwithstanding, I enjoy hearing Jay sing--he has a clear tenor voice.  
{Lindsay, Jenny, Hilary, Shannon, Nichole}
  • Jay loves flannel sheets.  He still has ones from his mission that are torn and clumsily mended.  I asked him why he's keeping them since we don't have a twin-sized bed, and he said he wants me to make a quilt out of them.  Before Kate was born, I told Jay I could use one of his sheets to back a quilt for the baby, and he looked horrified.  "I meant you could make a quilt for me," he said.
{Kate's first swim}
  • He likes some of the gorier (my word, not his) aspects of dentistry, including extractions and other surgeries.  
  • Jay is a tease.  Our poor cat.
  • He is goal-oriented.  I am not.  He runs marathons.  I do not.
  • Jay has insanely long legs.  Once I was measuring him for something and I was trying to find his hip bone.  When I finally asked him to show me where it was, he pointed about six inches higher than where I'd thought it was.  
  • Most people who know Jay better say Kate looks like him,  most people who know me better say Kate looks like me, and those who know us both generally agree she's a good mix.
{Jenny and Ella, me and Kate, Lyndsay and Rachel, Nichole and Abigail}
  • Jay pretty much killed another cell phone the other day.  He's starting to repeat his methods, though--this is the second one he's run through the washing machine.
  • Jay is constantly holding Kate above his head with one hand.  He doesn't even flinch when she drools on him.
  • Jay likes hot tubs, particularly to jump into after a long run.  I think he's crazy--the last thing I want after running is to sweat more. 
{Yawning... and asleep.  Worn out from all that swimming!}
  •  Jay read the entire Wheel of Time series this last year.  I hated those books for stealing him from me.
  • Speaking of Wheel of Time, Jay has a man-crush on Brandon Sanderson.  Maybe that's the real reason I hated those books--jealous much?
  • Jay loves animals.  He wants a Great Dane desperately. 
  • My mom said he's not allowed to have a pet that's bigger than his in-laws.
  • Jay pumps my gas and does 90% of the driving when we're together.  I love him for that.
  • Jay may be getting older, but he still looks 20.  
Happy Birthday, babe.  Love you.

And for all you Kate fans, here's a video of her first swim.  I apologize for my annoying baby voice, but I'm furthering Kate's language development.  And my favorite part of this clip is Lyndsay and Chad's commentary in the background ("That's less effective."  "Drool in the pool!"  "No, don't drink the water!").

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kate Bounces

Kate on 4/30 a few hours after her first shots.  She was smiling a lot until Jay broke out the camera, but there are still a couple cute ones.  

{This is mainly for doting family members; don't feel obligated to watch!}

Friday, June 1, 2012

Four Years (!)

May 31, 2008:  Fresh out of the temple, very newly married, and grinning like fools.  It was a good day.

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary.  We are starting to get old, I think, because we didn't buy gifts (but we're going to get a replacement lens we're super excited about with credit card reward Amazon credits) and we didn't make plans.  Though that may have less to do with getting old, come to think of it, than it does with being insanely busy.  We had a nice evening, though.  We decided to be low-key and chill at home.  We whipped up some of this along with some corn on the cob (weird combo, I know), looked at rental houses online and phone conferenced with our Realtor (did I mention we're moving?), then drank delicious smoothies (Jay makes the best) and played Stone Age (Jay won 300 to 295).  

Kate has decided recently that she doesn't like going to sleep, and last night she fussed long and loud every time we tried to put her down.  She was just the saddest little baby. Any time we picked her up, though, she immediately stopped and was super content.  The fussing is annoying, but I secretly love that she loves being with us.  

We did a quick reflection on the last four years, and we decided we have been incredibly blessed.  We have the best friends and family we could ask for.  We've both gotten an amazing education.  We both have had great job opportunities in a rough economy.  We are healthy and happy and have the time and the means to pursue our interests.  We have a crazy cat and the most beautiful, funny, sweet-tempered baby.

Most importantly, we have each other.  Jay is my favorite favorite, and I'm so glad he's mine.