Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Five Months

Kate is five months old!  To commemorate, we had a photo shoot.  This is the first time Kate has ever worn a headband, and I must say she pulls it off quite adorably.  

  • Kate loves to sit and stand with a little support from Mom or Dad.  She likes to be sitting up at all times--when we lay her down, she'll lift her head off the ground and do "baby crunches." I wish I had her abs of steel.
  • Blowouts are still a common occurrence, but I don't get pooped on every day like I used to. Hallelujah.
  • Kate's sound repertoire is increasing daily, and she's starting to "take turns" when we talk back to her.  Hooray for prelinguistic skills!
  • We are blessed with such a happy little baby.  She smiles and smiles and is so good natured.
  • In the past couple weeks, Kate has started giggling! It has been so fun. Poor little thing is ticklish like her daddy.
  • She is getting more coordinated--her movements aren't solely gross-motor flailing anymore.  The other day I was giving her a bath and got some water in her eye.  She reached her little fist right up and rubbed it.  I was impressed.
  • Kate goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 and wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30. She takes 2-3 naps every day and usually sleeps about two hours (though she's been known to go for 4.5+ on occasion).  Yes, I realize I am ridiculously lucky. 
  • From months 1-4, we put Kate to sleep almost exclusively in her swing.  We would leave it on for naps but turn it off at night after she was asleep.  She slept like a champ in that thing.  Jay was worried she'd get to the point where she wouldn't be able to sleep without the swing, but I was too busy enjoying her fuss-free naps to be too concerned. A couple weeks ago, we started putting her to sleep in her bed instead of the swing, and she's been doing great. It's such a miracle to me: we plop her in her bed and she puts herself to sleep without crying. I love it.
  • She still hasn't rolled over yet, but she's getting close. She sleeps on her side, and sometimes she'll have rotated 180 degrees during a nap.  She is a wiggly, busy baby.
  • Kate reaches for things now. She loves to study whatever she can get her hands on. The observation generally ends with said object being placed in her mouth. She is always reaching her hands toward my face, and when she makes contact she opens her mouth and tries to pull my face closer, like she wants to eat me up.  She also enjoys grabbing her clothes and trying to eat them:
  • Kate loves walks and being outside.
  • I've always sworn my children will never suck their thumbs--it totally grosses me out, and it can create major speech and dental issues later on. Thumb sucking is disgusting, especially when you see a kid age 4+ doing it. So I was really excited when Kate accepted a pacifier because it gives comfort but is a much easier habit to break. Unfortunately, ever since she discovered her hands at around eight weeks, they've been constantly in her mouth. Recently, with her increase in fine motor skills, she's been almost exclusively sucking on her thumb. She refuses the pacifier most of the time. I'll check on her during a nap and see that she's got her thumb in her mouth. The first couple times I tried pulling out the thumb and sticking in a pacifier, but I've given up. My name is Lindsay, and my daughter is a thumb-sucker. Sigh.
  • Kate has started whining recently, generally when she's hungry. I don't know where she learned it, but it kinda drives me crazy. Makes me miss the days when she would just hyperventilate when she was upset. (When she was a newborn, she would "hyperventilate" off and on for several minutes in the middle of the night before she actually started crying. I'd get her up before she had to cry. I hardly remember what she felt like in my arms when she was so tiny and helpless.)
  • Kate has recently started noticing Lucy: she watches Lucy run around. Lucy has mostly ignored Kate (for which we're grateful). The first couple times we put Kate on the floor to kick around, Lucy would walk up and sniff Kate's toes+ and walk away. She figures anything on the floor is hers, but she doesn't seem excited at the prospect of playing with Kate.
  • Kate turns her head toward familiar voices and smiles upon eye contact.
  • She started throwing little baby tantrums a couple weeks ago. I hardly knew how to react--it was pitiful and hilarious at the same time. Mostly it's when I pull her off me before she thinks she's done eating or if I put her down and then walk away. She starts crying--hard--immediately and stops as soon as she gets what she wants. The first few times it happened, I just held her mad, straining little body and laughed and laughed. I don't know why I thought it was so funny, but Kate didn't appreciate the humor.
  • I've been putting off introducing solid foods--just lazy, I guess. Jay has taken matters into his own hands and has let Kate taste watermelon, tomato, and bread, among other things. Today he gave her strawberries, and she sucked on them until they were practically dry. I think I need to start looking into solids for her.

We love our little baby! She makes us laugh every day and constantly surprises us with the new things she learns.