Monday, August 27, 2012


Kate is six months old. Is it really possible she's half-way to a year? I can't believe it. The picture above is my new favorite--she looks just like her dad. 

A couple nights ago, Jay wanted to go hiking and have a picnic. What with Kate's super long nap and things taking longer than we thought, we didn't get out the door until 6:30 at night. Jay keeps trying to convince me there are pretty places in Vegas, but I remain skeptical. When we neared Red Rock, a state park comprised of a lone red mountain among the brown, our conversation went like this:
Jay: "There it is! Isn't it beautiful?"
Me: Silence.
Jay, obviously disgruntled: "So it's not as pretty as St. George. Don't even say it."
Me: "I didn't say it."

But when we pulled up to the gates at 7:00, they were closed. A friendly guy at the gate said that, while they normally close at 8, the river was flooding so they blocked the entrance. We had taken a wrong turn on our way there and had unwittingly found a different branch of the park (which turned out to be FREE), so we doubled back to check it out. 

We arrived just at the end of that golden light hour photographers love, and as we trekked on a boardwalk that was built to conserve a "meadow" (meaning there were a few grasses and leafy plants and a smattering of small trees--positively lush for Las Vegas), we passed several people hauling SLR cameras. I always get excited when I see a bunch of photographers because it means I've found a good spot for future sessions. And it really was pretty.

I feel like I brag about my baby a lot on this blog. She isn't perfect, and I'm certainly not either, but she really is, for the most part, a happy, sweet, affectionate little baby. I can't get over it, so I tend to talk about it. I joke that I'm afraid to have more kids because what if they're not this good? Or maybe I'm not joking. Anyway, this open-mouth smile is classic Kate.

A month ago, Jay and I were driving to the store to get some ice cream when Jay's car died and wouldn't start again. Luckily, we were just a block from our neighborhood, so with Kate in the back seat, the two of us jumped out and started pushing. A couple good Samaritans helped us out, and one colorful guy who ended up living near us even took a look (car knowledge is so useful. Too bad we're just academics. Sigh.) and spent 30 minutes evaluating things. His girlfriend came out after awhile and saw me holding Kate. "That is the happiest baby in the world!" she said.

A few days later when we were having the car towed to the mechanic, the girl passed us on her way home and rolled down her window to make sure we were okay. She looked at Kate bouncing in my arms and said, "There's the happiest baby in the world!"

Kate loves her dad. I think I might still technically be the favorite because Kate is a smart girl and knows where her food comes from, but Dad is a close second. She lights up when he comes in a room, and she jerks her little arms around and makes funny noises to get his attention. Once he looks at her, she just grins. 

About a week after she turned five months, Kate started rolling onto her stomach during naps. I never actually saw it happen, but she would wake up mad because she couldn't turn back over. Though I don't think she's quite figured out rolling is a means of transportation, she's gotten quite good at rolling from back to front and front to back. Every once in awhile she'll forget how to roll on her back again. She's also made it several feet off her blanket on the floor, intentionally or not. She is like her mom and likes to sleep on her stomach.

Kate likes to be sitting upright or standing at all times. She's a strong little thing. After a couple days of shudders, Kate decided she really likes yams. Rice cereal is another favorite. She attacks the spoon like a little piranha and produces whiny grunts when she's not fed fast enough.

 Happy half birthday, Katester! We love you.


  1. Already! And I still haven't met her! Sigh. Well, thank heavens for a good photographer with a good camera. I feel like we've met :)

  2. Love her open mouth pix, so cute! She really does look like the happiest baby in the world, or, at least tied for 1st place with my nephew. Fun stuff!

  3. I remember feeling that way about good babies being "almost perfect" with Gracie and Olivia. It should have ended there! ha! totally kidding Mason is great too now. He just wasn't a good baby but they eventually all end up about the same after the first year or two!

    Kate is soooo cute in these pictures. I really want to come visit. I am hoping to come when I get another long break off of work but I never know when they are giving me time off.

  4. Happiest girl in America! I love that people notice her sweet disposition. I can see it just from the photographs. I sure wish I could reach out and squeeze her.

    Absolutely nothing is like St. George. I'll even concede that it's slightly prettier than MN although very different. How neat to live in the desert again!

  5. she really is the happiest baby! and so beautiful! sorry to hear about your car, that's just the worst!! were you guys at calico basin? that is super pretty- its where i took my bridals and my maternity pics. there are lots of pretty places- just hardly any in vegas. there's corn creek which is up the 95 and its a small little meadow with water and tall willows- so gorgeous! (took graduation and engagements there) and there's boulder city which has a cool little vintage city. and for fun there's the springs preserve which is SUPER fun.... and not too bad to look at. but im with you, rocks are not pretty. green is

  6. I think it's good to talk about how much you appreciate your kid's strengths and the good times -- I remember when I had my first I couldn't get over how much of a pleasure she was...that I really didn't see anything UNPLEASANT about her. I once read a post by someone saying they wanted to punch someone in the face for talking about their "perfect kid." I reconsidered my position. Then I decided I still wanted to talk positive. I didn't bandy the word "perfect" about, but I celebrated that which was good. Yes, one woman (and most likely many more), are morally opposed to women expressing their enjoyment of their children. But there are also women who have lost children who are morally opposed to us not doing just that a whole. lot. more. Not to mention those with a rough or trying parent journey who wish we'd acknowledge how good we've got it! I know if I'm to allow myself concern for what other people think, I choose these latter two groups over the threatening assault moaner, any day. second child has been...different. I'm glad I knew how good I had it while it was so.

  7. you are blessed!! yes...good for all of you!! enjoy enjoy!!