Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

At the risk of setting a dangerous precedent, I decided to make Kate's costume this year. I've never made anything by myself from a pattern before, but with some encouragement (thanks, Kiyomi!), I decided to give it a shot.

I used this pattern and tutorial. Since Kate is so small, I printed out the child size pattern at 70% and added two inches to the bottom of the cape to give it a little more length (in case she wants to "dress up" with it in the next year or two). I probably could have gotten away with buying 3/4 or 1 yard of fabric, but you don't know what you don't know, so I have a bunch of extra red fleece. Maybe I'll make her a Santa costume next year?

Jay made fun of me when he saw these pictures because of the pumpkins. "You're using PROPS now?" he said. 

It's possible that I have, in the past, poked fun at some photography trends (naked babies in weird crocheted cocoons, anyone?), but the pumpkins were just setting the mood. Festively. 


Besides, Kate was super entertained by them. She still can't crawl, but she a champion sit-and-reach-er. And she likes to touch everything.

She also likes to taste everything. How was it, Kate?

Not super good, huh?

 I know I'm super biased, but when I tried the unfinished cape on Kate to make sure it fit, I could hardly stand it. The words "cute," "cutest," and "adorable" may have been used. Or overused. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. You did it!!! And it looks great! Way to go!
    And Kate is way cute! It's impossible to overuse that word in regards to Kate :)

  2. Holy cow she is a perfect little angel! Lets have an arranged marriage for our little ones!

  3. I cannot handle the cuteness. The smirk is too much.

    Glad you had a good pattern and sewing experience! The cape looks lovely :)

  4. So adorable!!!
    (And I'm with ya on the weird baby props pics)

  5. So cute!! Love it--and totally agree on the naked babies in cocoon thing--totally don't get it :)

  6. Sigh... I knew I'd regret not dressing up Charles for his first Halloween. Kate rocks the cape! Adorable.

  7. Love it! You did an awesome job! And you are super talented and brave to go at sewing it. I am thinking about sewing 3 costumes next year. I wanted to do it this year but it snuck up on me way too soon.