Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve on 12.12.12

{All pictures taken a couple weeks ago at my parents' house.}

{Note the vestiges of stuffing around Kate's mouth--she and Grandpa bonded over food.}

1. Time is so fluid and elastic. At this point in my life, I feel like there just aren't enough hours in a day--seems like before I know it, Jay's home and it's time to sleep and I wonder what on earth I did all day. It's actually a bit unnerving.

2. As previously discussed, I'm not much of a kid person. Kids, especially in herds, make me crazy. And gross me out. (One on one, they're usually okay. And if you're my friend, I probably like your kid. And if I treated your kid in therapy, I probably liked him/her most of the time.) I'll admit there are days when Kate makes me crazy and grosses me out, but I love her desperately. And that is a huge relief to someone who had a lifelong fear that she wouldn't like her own children.
{"Mmmm... Stuffing," thinks Kate. "Mmmm... Chocolate Crinkles," thinks Lindsay, eyeing Lisa's efforts}

3. I feel like I'm a crazy emotional yo-yo recently: MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING-----let it go-----MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING---let it go-----

4. I am actually a bit sad that there won't be a "Thirteen on 13.13.13" post to write next year--I'm a numbers nerd and I love stuff like that. (Here's 10.10.10 and 11.11.11)

5. One year ago, I was very pregnant (and looked like this). It is amazing how much my life has changed in the last year. 

6. A year ago I was working full-time, we lived in Texas, we had a one-bedroom apartment, Jay was still in the middle of his residency, we had no kids. Crazy.

{Kate's first Christmas tree experience. She started scooting forward this day for the first time. She loves reaching for ornaments!}

7. I love the perks of Las Vegas, but I still miss my Texas life. A lot, some days. Turns out that, much as we love her, Kate cramps our social life. And while it may not be completely fair or accurate to lay all of the blame on Kate, it's weird not hanging out with couple friends at least two nights a week. It's hard starting over again in the friend market. I feel like I'm back in the dating pool after a break-up. 

8. I'm coming to the dawning realization that we probably won't ever have a super active social life again. I guess the next big thing is living vicariously through our children and crashing their slumber parties ("Who wants to see Kate's baby pictures??").

9. We live close to family in Las Vegas. Even though I miss friends, family is the best. And we're lucky to have family here that I would choose to be friends with even if they weren't family.

10. Kate and I went to a friend's house today. Kate rolled so her top half was out of my sight, and after a minute, I heard some indignant noises from her friend, Haddie. Turns out Kate somehow got her hands on Haddie's bottle and was chugging away. I had no idea Kate could take and hold her own bottle like that. She looked pretty pleased with herself. In other news, looks like she's (thankfully) not allergic to dairy...

11. I've been wearing my glasses the last few days because one of my eyes got infected last week. It frightens me how poor my vision is--it's impaired if anything is over a foot away from my eyes. With only the center circle of my vision in focus through my lenses and the periphery soft and blurred, I feel like an Instagram filter has been applied to my view, and not in a good way.

12. Still, though, I love to sit before the Christmas tree, eyes and vision au naturale, my flawed focusing creating beautiful bokeh: glowing, pointed orbs springing from the strings of lights and nestling among the branches.
{Kate loves Grandma}

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  1. I love your realness.

    For someone with eye struggles you take some incredible photos. I'm always interested to hear more about motherhood. I'm really proud of you.

    Kate is lucky to have such good, caring, intelligent and most of all, kind parents.

    Life is hard. I heard a really good quote the other day about a woman who was talking about God, she said, "He knows it's scary for us here." Made me kind of want to cry.